It always starts with one drink

I met Zayn Malik at a pub when I was 18, and he has been my life ever sense. I wouldn't have it any other way and I'm happy to be falling in love next to my best friends and "the boys". I want to have that happy ending, even if this all started with one drink.

(Story for girlinthestars, check her out she has some good stories.)


30. Will you say yes?




It was all so beautiful. My family was here, and my sister, her husband, my friends. Zayn put this all together for me, just for me. I love him, I truly do. We've had so many memories and it didn't take long for me to warm up to him. He has been nothing but great to me, and I am happy that I met him. The boys and their girlfriends sat around a large table next to my sister and our family, Zayn's family was sharing a table with my mother and father as well. His sister's were all her talking with my sister about their new baby. Doniya was holding little Elizabeth, Safaa and Waliyha were cooing over her baby feet and hands. I sat down next to Zayn at the large table after he pulled out my chair, soon enough everyone was seated in their right places and we had gotten through our appetizers and main course, it was time for desert. Zayn stood up and hit his glass lightly with a knife. He was about to make a complete fool of himself. 


I'm about to make a complete fool of myself. Standing up here with everyone's eyes on me waiting for me to say something. So here I go, it's all or nothing now, no going back. So I cleared my throat and started, "Thank you all for coming tonight. It really means a lot that you could be here with me to celebrate today. I wanted Meredith's family and closest friends to be here tonight. Well um... I'm not the best with words you see, but I want to do this right so um here we go..."


Zayn stood up and brought me up with him placing his drink and mine on the table, but within a second he was down on one knee. 


"Meredith, I love you. From the first moment I saw you I fell in love, with you. With every single part of you, from your red hair to your flats. I love that you are awkward and a little odd, I love that you stand up for what you believe in and that you are so strong. I'm not trying to count the ways in which I love you, what I'm trying to say is that I love you Meredith, you have brought so much joy into my life and I can't imagine it without you... I'm sorry this is taking so long, but um... I want to start a beautiful family with me, like your sister and her husband, and I want to love you everyday for the rest of my life like your parents. I want to watch Disney movies with you on rainy days and have you teach me how to cook because we both know I'm no good at that. I want to grow old with you and love you for the rest of my life, I guess what I'm asking is... Will you marry me?"


I looked at him sitting there holding a beautiful ring. I was shocked, I didn't know what to say. 
"Yes Zayn of corse I'll marry you". Zayn picked me up and wrapped me in a bear hug. This is it, I was going to spend the rest of my life with him and I couldn't think of one thing that could ruin this moment, because it was perfect just like him. 


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