It always starts with one drink

I met Zayn Malik at a pub when I was 18, and he has been my life ever sense. I wouldn't have it any other way and I'm happy to be falling in love next to my best friends and "the boys". I want to have that happy ending, even if this all started with one drink.

(Story for girlinthestars, check her out she has some good stories.)


11. Spending the Night


I don't think there is anyway I wanted to sped my Friday night. I didn't really notice how hot it was on the 'dance floor' until we stopped dancing when the song changed. I as many of the guys in the room had taken off our shirts and they were now pilled in the corner of the room. Niall and Irina were dancing over by the stairs, Liam was dancing with Danielle. Harry and Katie seemed to be having fun, she seemed like a sweet girl, but sweet girls like her always had a bad side to them that no one but Harry got to see. She had long brown hair with blonde at the end ((Ombre hair)) and green eyes. She was tall, but not as tall as Harry. And I think she was about 19 years old, from what I remember.

Slowly as the night went on people started to leave, Lou and Eleanor went home about an hour or so after Emily got here. Liam and Danielle were heading out now, Harry and Katie only stopped by for a brief visit because they had to go somewhere early tomorrow morning. Niall was staying over again, because I didn't trust him driving home after a night like this. I don't think Irina ever had any interest of leaving his side tonight. They had gone upstairs into the guest room when more and more people were draining out. Emily and I stopped dancing twice, once when she needed some air and I went out to smoke. Then twice when the last bit of people were leaving. She walked upstairs and grabbed some plastic bags, putting cups into them if they were empty. If they weren't she would drink the remaining bit of mixed drink at the bottom, I helped her by picking up all of the cups from downstairs and taking the bottles out to the trash. I smoked another cigarette before coming back into the house. She wasn't anywhere to be found. I walked upstairs into my room where she was laying on my side of the bed with one of my big sweatshirts on. Her dress and shoes were laying out neatly on the edge of my bed. I pulled off my jeans from tonight, brushed my teeth and climbed into bed next to her. I settled in close to her with her hand resting on my chest and my hands above my head. Tonight was a good night, but I just wish Emily was awake to see all the lights in the city get a bit brighter and listen to the waves down on the beach that was within walking distance. But soon I also fell asleep, I had focused on how her hand rested on my chest as I watched it rise and fall before my eyes shut. Slipping my into a blissful sleep. 


I wasn't asleep when Zayn crawled in next to me. I was just wondering if he would wake me, but he didn't. He just pulled the blankets up around us both and kissed me on the forehead, before he could put his mind to sleep after this long night.

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