It always starts with one drink

I met Zayn Malik at a pub when I was 18, and he has been my life ever sense. I wouldn't have it any other way and I'm happy to be falling in love next to my best friends and "the boys". I want to have that happy ending, even if this all started with one drink.

(Story for girlinthestars, check her out she has some good stories.)


10. So this is a party



~Zayn's POV~

Niall stayed the night over at my flat after we went to the gym. He talked the whole ride home. I don't remember any of it, I was to distracted with my own thoughts. We were heading by the mall, then we had to go get some food and after that we had to start setting up. Today was going to be a busy day.


~Meredith's POV~

"Meredith, you know that you'll have to tell him your real name eventually.. Right?", Irina was pestering me. But I liked the name Emily. It could fit me, not as well as Meredith, something close though. "I know he will probably figure it out before I tell him, but not for a long time. Because I know that it buys me time to come up with a lie to cover up my other lie. I don't think telling him I didn't trust him and still don't will be a good answer for someone like him". Irina smiled, "A lie to cover up another lie. You've learned well young grasshopper", we walked up to the bus stop and bused down to go shopping before the party. 



The party had been going for half an hour now. A lot of people were here, even the boys and their girlfriends. Liam and Danielle were over talking to some friends of mine that were trying to sell a motorcycle, Liam always wanted one of those, he thought he would look bad ass when he was riding it. Louis and Eleanor were over talking to Harry and his new girlfriend Katie. Even my ex Perrie was here too, I don't know who invited her, but she seemed happy with her boyfriend's arm around her waist holding her close and laughing. But no Emily, and apparently no Irina either. Niall noticed that Irina wasn't here earlier tonight and has been by the food and drinks ever since. Maybe I should get a drink too... Just a little something to calm my nerves. 



We pulled up to the party about 30 minutes after it started, but when I stopped the car neither of us got out. I pulled out a mirror from the side pocket of my purse checking my make up. I looked over at Irina who was applying another coat of mascara. We stepped out of the car. Irina was wearing a tight fitting black and white dress... well it was tight until her waist and at the skirt it flowed out covering half of the top of her legs, and it was white with black trim. On her feet she had bright pink Converse. Her hair was slightly curled to give it a kind of beach wave. I on the other hand was wearing a nude pink colored dress that flared out at the skirt ((Like a bubble dress)) with small flowers fanned out on the waist and it was strapless. It was one of those dresses you would see out an old Paramore music video. My hair had also been loosely curled and partly pinned back. I wore black high top Converse 

We let ourselves in, music was playing loudly, drinks and cups were all around the room. People seemed squished from wall to wall in this house. I almost wouldn't have thought that this was the same flat I had walked around in a couple of days ago. Now it seemed so small. I grabbed a drink off the table and walked into the living room where people had cleared away some of the furniture so they could dance. I looked back to see Irina, drink in hand talking to Niall and laughing. After Niall whispered something in her ear she turned towards me, raising her glass as if to say that she was okay. I turned back to the people dancing taking the last drink from inside my cup. "Come here often?" I jumped a little as Zayn's voice appeared behind me. I shook my head and whipped around quickly to go refill my drink. 

Zayn stopped me, holding out the other drink that was in his hand. "I remembered that you like these fruity drinks", he quickly smiled to himself, and I remembered when he tried a cosmo at the bar almost spitting it back out onto the bartender. I rolled my eyes and grabbed his drink. It smelled like straight up Vodka. I drank it anyway, handing it back to him as my throat started to burn, I walked away from him and closer to the center of the make-shift dance floor. Zayn laughed at me quietly before sneaking his had around my waist and pulling in onto the dance floor. 

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