It always starts with one drink

I met Zayn Malik at a pub when I was 18, and he has been my life ever sense. I wouldn't have it any other way and I'm happy to be falling in love next to my best friends and "the boys". I want to have that happy ending, even if this all started with one drink.

(Story for girlinthestars, check her out she has some good stories.)


20. I won't hear you out


It was 8 am by the time I went back over to Zayn's house the next morning. Last night was odd, I didn't like going out with Harry all that much. So this morning I was going to talk to Zayn about our relationship. I opened the door using the spare key he gave me before I ran upstairs and burst through his door. Not the best idea I've had in a while. When I walked in I saw Zayn's jet black bed head, snoring away and the top half of him sticking it of the covers. Next to his black hair I saw long blonde curly hair. The girl sleeping next to him had her face hidden by pillows for she was sleeping on her belly. She was naked as far as I could tell and her hands were above her head with the back of her hands on her forehead. I couldn't believe he had slept with someone last night. I went on maybe fifteen minutes of the date because it felt weird. I told Harry that I had feelings for Zayn and not him, and now Zayn is sleeping with a naked girl next to him. I dropped the key on the end of Zayn's bed and ran, slamming his bedroom door in the process. I heard him curse as I ran down the stairs, he called after me but I couldn't bring myself to turn around and hear him out

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