It always starts with one drink

I met Zayn Malik at a pub when I was 18, and he has been my life ever sense. I wouldn't have it any other way and I'm happy to be falling in love next to my best friends and "the boys". I want to have that happy ending, even if this all started with one drink.

(Story for girlinthestars, check her out she has some good stories.)


14. Boxing Ring


Niall came over again before we all had to meet up to record some more songs. "Where were you?" I asked looking up from my song lyrics that were laying all around me in my sun room. He looked down quickly not to make eye contact, "Oh no where. Just visiting Irina and Em.. er Emily". He calls her Em? Stop it Zayn, you aren't even dating you have no reason to be jealous, "Look Niall if you have something to say you better just come out and say it, because you know I'm no good at these kind of things". He laughed quietly before opening his mouth to speak again, "All I know is that they are going to a party later tonight for a friends birthday. Irina is going over now to help with the sound system and I have no idea what Emily is doing". That was the end of our conversation until everyone was in the car and the boys began to joke with each other and tell stories. My mind was still continuing the conversation, but my mouth never let words escape. 


I wanted to run into Zayn, but I didn't know where he would be. I went to the gym and walked around the track a couple of times before Irina texted me saying I should head out soon to get there on time. I was hoping to that before I left I would see Zayn as I walked toward the locker room, so I walked by the boxing room. "Hi! I'm James. You're a friend of Zayn's right?" an unfamiliar voice said from behind me. I turned to see a tan guy, with slight muscles, light brown hair and sea green eyes. "Hi... James, yeah I guess you could call me that, why are you asking?" I had a quizzical look on my face, I had never seen this man in my life.

He looked at me studying my face, "Well I saw you with him here the other day, but I was wondering if you'd stop by this weekend and be his supporter. A lot of people don't want him to win this one..."

I was confused, "Win what?" I crossed my arms and looked at him again. 

He looked surprised and then quickly confused before he grabbed my hand and walked through the doors into the boxing room, "Just come on". I looked around the room I was now standing in. There were about nine or more guys scattered around the room. As soon as I walked in there was 18 pairs of eyes on me. I felt self aware of my appearance and zipped up my light jacket up to cover my exposed stomach. When I looked up again I noticed that two of the men were whistling and four different laughs followed. I saw Zayn, standing in the middle of the boxing ring, with his fists at his side in gloves and his jaw tightened as if he was trying to hold himself back from injuring all of these guys. After looking at Zayn I noticed that there was another guy in the ring with him. The man was probably twice Zyan's size with tattoos up his left arm. His muscles looked twice the size of Zayn's, but I wasn't sure how big Zayn's muscles were. The man was a good couple inches shorter then Zayn. The muscle man took off one of his gloves and held his hand out for me to shake. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up onto the ring before I could react. 

"What is your name beautiful?" he snickered as he studied me while walking around me in a circle. His hand hit my butt when I didn't respond to him directly after he asked me, it caused me to stumble forward. "I said what's your name?" he stepped closer to me and smiled a toothy grin. I looked up and glared at him, "None of your concern" I started stepping away from him, but he grabbed my arm and pulled me back against him chest. I could hear the other men moving to circle around the ring. I shot James a pleading look, but he was at the back of everyone trying to push through. The men's eyes kept switching from me and this man to Zayn. "Well MY name is Damon. But some people around here call me patch. Whatever you want to call me sweet heart" this time his hand ran down my arm that hung at my side. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, when I opened my eyes again Damon was on the ground. Zayn was breathing deeply, and standing protectively in front of me. 

Damon got up slowly giving Zayn a look I'd never seen before, as he dusted off his pants. "I knew you liked this one, nice choice. She is pretty, a lot prettier then the one you had wrapped around your lying little finger before". Zayn started moving forward towards Damon again, but I grabbed his arm and I felt him muscles relax slightly. I made him turn around to face me, "Come on Zayn just walk away". Reluctantly he nodded and started taking of his gloves. Damon cracked up and started speaking again, "Call me later baby! I'm sure he will be done with you in a few hours".
In one quick motion Zayn turned around and punched Damon in the side of the face. He laughed at me when he turned back towards the door, his hand snaked around my waist as we walked out. We got a few feet away from the door when Zayn took his hand off my waist stumbling to the side and shaking his hand quickly., "Holy fucking- Son of a- OUCH! Damon really is a hard head", he chuckled to himself quickly and then abruptly stopping as if noticing I was here for the first time. He mumbled something under his breath before saying sorry. I looked towards his hand before he hid it behind his back, "My hand is fine don't worry, just um... a slight bruise". I didn't believe him, but now was not the time to argue with him. We talked as I walked him to the locker room. He walked in as I waited outside, but within a few minutes he was back standing at my side, wearing black jeans and the shirt he had on when I saw him in the ring. His hair was styled again and he smirked at me standing there, "What?" I asked defensively.
"I thought you'd be gone by now" he lifted his hand slightly revealing that it had been wrapped.
I was in no mood for this, "I would have thought you would have put on a better shirt" I retorted, I know, not my best come back, but it didn't matter to me in the moment. He lifted his arms up above his head and pulled off his shirt. Exposing his abs and tattoos. I couldn't help but stare at him. He started laughing again as he put on his new shirt. I snapped back into reality as his voice broke through my thoughts. 
"Do you like what you see?" he said cheekily at me as he seemed to stand a little taller and raising his eyebrows at me. I mumbled yes and sheepishly looked away. He giggled and grabbed his bag off the ground, "Let's get out of here" he said grabbing my hand in his. 

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