It always starts with one drink

I met Zayn Malik at a pub when I was 18, and he has been my life ever sense. I wouldn't have it any other way and I'm happy to be falling in love next to my best friends and "the boys". I want to have that happy ending, even if this all started with one drink.

(Story for girlinthestars, check her out she has some good stories.)


7. Any hot friends?

~ Meredith POV~

I decided to get out of Zayn's hair. After all I was going to meet my friend down at the gym. He said he would give me a lift down there, because he had to go run and pick some stuff up or something, but I said that I needed to go home first and get a change of clothes. I didn't really want him to know where I lived so I just said I'd walk. I grabbed a pair of his smallest sweat pants and tied them really tightly around my waist. I didn't want them to fall, I grabbed a different t-shirt from his dresser. One of those muscle shirts, I think. Lastly before I left I took my dress out of the dryer. When I opened the door from his room he was standing there bending down, "What are you doing?" I asked. "You forgot to close the door...". I was blushing. I could feel my cheeks flushing a bright pink color. I needed to get out of there. "Good bye Zayn, thanks for the clothes" I said as I pulled on my black Converse from last night. Who says you need to wear heels with a dress. Well I don't know, but whoever came up with that stupid rule has never tried wearing sneakers. I walked down to the main road and to a Starbucks to get coffee. My friend Irina picked me up there. "Hey, how was your night. I never saw you again after you left with that Zayn guy" she looked over at me quickly giving me one of her really bad winks. I couldn't keep a secret from Irina, plus I knew she would just keep asking if I didn't tell her, so I might as well. We were parked in front of the gym by the time I had finished with my story. "Well... um, so you didn't do anything with him. Why not? He wanted you" she looked at me as if she was trying to think of a good reason why I wouldn't. "I just didn't want to I guess. I mean at moments I did, but I don't really trust him. So if you ever see him anywhere my name is Emily by the way" she chuckled, "Oooo Emily, hahaha that's a good one. But I have just one question for you... Does he have any hot friends?" I laughed at her, being her normal poking around and checking out all of her options (she wasn't a slut or anything like that, she just asked a lot of questions and made slight comments) "Well you know about One Direction, of course, so as far as I know Niall is single, and Harry too" I knew she had a thing for Irish accents so I already knew the answer she would give me in a minute or two. "Niall, but I want to get to know him for myself first. You should talk to Zayn again and get him to invite us to a party with all of them. This way you see Zayn and I get to talk to Niall. It's like a win win situation" 

~Irina's POV~

This all sounded good to me. We went into the locker room and changed into or bright spandex and sports bras, with a light running jacket to cover us if we got cold or something. I walked over to the mirrors and pulled my hair into a ponytail. Meredith came over to me next pulling on her shoe and trying to bobby pin her hair at the same time. I laughed as she started falling to one side. "Here let me help you" I bent down and tied her shoe for her as she held her hair up and finished pinning it, "Thanks" she smiled at me before pulling me out the door and into the hallway. I shook her off of me and started walking. But I didn't get more than two steps before running into someone, "Ouch, oh hey are you okay?" he had a Irish accent and blonde hair with blue eyes, "The name is Niall" he said getting up and holding his hand out to pull me up. "Uh thanks Niall. Sorry for running into you and knocking you over" he started laughing at me. "It's me fault. I'm sorry too... um.. this is a wee bit odd, I don't know your name" I started blushing, something about the way he spoke and the way he looked at me made me forget the whole world around me, "Oh right haha, I'm Irina". He looked puzzled for a second, slanting his head to the side, "Haven't heard that name before. It's pretty. Well, nice to meet you.. Irina.." he took a small pause before and after saying my name, as if the name was dancing on his lips and he was afraid he would mess up the words. "Niall! Where did you get off to, we have to go box!" from the look on Meredith's face I knew that was the Zayn she talked about as he walked around the corner looking at us, Mere ducked behind my shoulder, "Oh hey Emily, long time no see" he laughed looking past me at Mere. "Hi Zayn... Well Irina, don't you think we should get going now?" she hit my on my arm snapping me back into reality. "Um yes, nice to meet you Niall and... Zayn, I think. Bye guys" Mere ran towards the track door I snickered at how fast she got out of there, I don't think I've seen her run so fast in a long time. I walked away from the two boys, but looked back when Meredith was out of sight. Niall looked back at me just as I turned my head to look at them. I giggled and blushed before dipping my head around the corner. 

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