In The Sky chapter 4

This is my first time writing a story on Movellas. Here is the chapter 4 of In The Sky following chapter 3 by ToryB. You heard it from Kieran's point of view and it still is but I brought Izalla and Kieran together.
I wrote this in English class in one day but I hope you like it.


1. In the Sky chapter 4


In the Sky Chapter 4


The impact of the other train was almost instant.


Kieran, although had left the train, started seeing things. He saw this bright glowing yellow light inside most people but in others a purple glowing light. He didn’t know why they would have different glowing colors, or why only he could see them. He was very confused.


He touched the door handle to go to a coffee bar, when as he touched the door handle, it shook and opened really fast. As he arrived in the coffee bar, he could hear what every one was talking about and knew what they were about to say like he knew the lyrics to a song by heart.

He could read people’s minds. He took advantage and started messing around and listening to everything every one was saying. He started controlling their minds and telling them what to say.


It made no sense, for Kieran. It was like a dream. Only a few people had purple lights glowing from inside them. But why only a few? He remembered that when he was a little boy, his father told him that there were different kinds of humans, or not quite human. He told Kieran that some people had magical powers and could heal a cut or scar. Others could just see things no one else could, like Kieran seeing glowing lights.


His dad also told him that his father was a not human, he could be able to do things, but not ordinary things. Healing powers, read minds, be able to control minds, and see al sorts of strange objects and lights.

Then Kieran also remembered that his dad told that people without powers, that are just humans, have a yellow glowing light inside them coming from the heart, and people with powers or people that are different to normal humans, have a purple glowing light from inside.


The ground shook; no one else noticed it, just Kieran and Izalla, who are now standing in front of each other, starring at each other like they have never met before. Wanting to say something but no words actually coming out. 

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