In the Sky - Chapter 4 - Distance

A fourth Chapter to the “In the Sky” competition following the third chapter by ‘ToryB’ called ‘The Ruby Red Blade of Inhuman Blood’. This is just my second Movella. We had to do this Chapter in our English Class. I really enjoy this Competition and I would appreciate if you would read my Movella. I hope you like it! I wrote out of Kieran’s perspective. Izalla and Kieran finally meet, but it was not supposed to be that way…

Thanks for reading ;)


1. Distance



He looked at his hand and stopped walking. He stopped, standing in this train station, people walking around him, busy to catch the next train or hurrying to work.


It seemed like something stopped his feet from moving. He looked down at his old favorite sneakers. His father had always told him to throw them away, but he never did. He combined them with memories, when everything was still fine between him and his dad. He didn’t know what had stopped him. He looked up and was still facing the café where he had agreed to meet his father, when he heard the loud screams of people.


People surrounding him whirled around to see what had happened, but he just couldn’t turn around. He felt that the ground beneath him started to vibrate.

He looked down to his feet. He suddenly could move again. He made one step back.  And there it was, a hieroglyph.


He suddenly felt dizzy, it was as if at once, the world span faster. He closed his eyes. He turned around, and opened his eyes. In that blink of an eye, he saw the incoming train colliding with another one.


The two trains literally fused together. He heard the people surrounding him screaming or breaking out in tears. Some people even collapsed on the floor. He looked frantically around him. He saw people running out of the train station. Everyone just ran outside, leaving the few people who collapsed on the floor.  He took his legs in his hands and carried the people out of the trainstation, who couldn’t make it themselves.


He ran back into the building. The smoke that came from the trains had now covered the whole building. The smoke made it hard to see, but not impossible. He also had trouble to breath. He looked around with watery eyes. Who had checked whether there were any survivors?


He walked towards the trains that collided, when he saw a moving shadow in the smoke. He squeezed his eyes, making sure he wasn’t just hallucinating.


She stepped out of the smoke. She was covered with blood, but she didn’t seemed injured. She was coughing. She made steps towards him. She was about to fall to the floor, but he held her before her head touched the floor.


She looked up to him. The last things she saw were his dark green eyes.


When they looked into each other’s eyes, they knew they were each other’s destiny.


Then she fell into unconsciousness.

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