In the Sky Chapter 4

In the Sky Chapter 4

It continues the story with both perspectives kind of.

Its kinda short though.


1. In the sky Chapter 4

Patience. Patience they had told him. He needed to find her, now. He had been searching for too long and he felt it was time for him to find her.

He was outside of the train station. After what had just happened, he had been a little shaken because this was the only time it had not been his fault. He felt innocent for once in his life.Everyone was hurt. Broken bones, scratches, scars.

She was outside too. She wanted to find that magic piece of glass that made her powers come alive before she went into the city to search for her dad.

He was looking through the debris when he saw her. She was intact; not even one scratch. Just like he was. They glanced at eachother, when Izalla finally saw what she was looking for. She saw the hieroglyph.  Keiran knew that it was her who caused that train crash. Not even, it was that hieroglyph. And that was why she was looking for it. Keiran quickly rushed over to her trying to grab the piece of glass, knowing that that was the only way to find her. They went over to the same spot and just before neither Izalla nor Keiran could grab it, their hands swiftly met in a gentle touch. Keiran felt some kind of an electric shock and quickly backed away, as did she. He knew that she had also felt it, and that this was bound to happen. This was their destiny.

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