Izalla finds out something that will change her life.

Chapter 4 of in the sky, it follows the branch of the ruby red blade of inhuman blood


1. Revelations

Everything went black.


Izalla was on the floor of the train station, the floor was cold, and the air was full of ashes and debris.

Her rib hurt when she tried to stand up, the only thing she was able to do without pain was to hear. She heard the screams of the people, the police and the firefighters footsteps as they helped the injured, but no one came to help her.


Silent... was the only thing she could hear after a few hours.

She was there just lying down in the train station unable of moving her body.

It was as if no one could see her, she was alone in the train station.

Several hours passed after she was able to move, when she spotted three men in the distance. They were tall, slim, and they all were wearing a long black tunic. They where quietly muttering in a distant corner, until one of them saw Izalla. They all went silence and looked at her as if she was a prey.

They started approaching her, in a fluent floating move, then she recognized him, she started to panic. He had found her after all this years she had been hiding and just when she received the sign he found her. 

She forced herself to move, but the pain was to much, she tried to scream, but the only thing that came out her mouth was a fading noise. They surrounded her, and he lifted his hand up to the point his own hieroglyph was visible. She couldn't believe it the sign in his hand was the exact same one as hers.

They both started to shine and make a scratching sound, she could feel the energy leaving her body and how it entered his, but she wasn't going to let that happen she wasn't that weak she still had strength so she pushed the magic she was given and she used it to revert the force and gain his energy. 


She was out of the train station with more energy, after deciding what she should do she, finally she ran to the subway and went into it. She changed the wagons several times so she could lose them, but it was late in the night now, and she needed to find her dad, she had to tell him about what happened in the train station. Her dad would probably be mad at her, but she couldn't handle this in her own.

She walked until she found the right door, she knocked and waited. 

The night was darker than usual and in the air you could feel a strange tension building, as if the trees knew what was about to come.


The door opened and she entered the house. The house was destroyed, the silverware and the dishes were all over the house, broken. It looked like a fight had  place in the house. Izalla called for her father several times without any response. Then she saw he hieroglyphic, it was on the wall bright and perfect, then the hooded men started to come out from all the rooms, all of them dressed in black except for one, his father. He was dressed in a red tunic that meant he was their leader, and she was a part of them.

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