Only Just A Dream

Imagine a perfect life, a perfect job and a perfect lover surrounded by amazing friends turns out to be Only Just A Dream.

Find out how a dream be a reality when the boy you dreamed about show up.

“I don’t want to believe in anything anymore. I always end up being hurt.” Jess said crying.


5. Chapter 5

I felt the rays of the sun landing on my body when I woke up at almost eleven in the morning. I rolled to the side, left confused upon feeling something warm and smooth beside me. Slowly, I opened my eyes and saw a boy cheekily smiling. It was Harry. I haven’t realized yet that he shouldn’t be here. Later on, the situation has finally sunk into my mind. My eyes widened.

“What the hell?!” I exclaimed, quickly I stood up on my bed holding a pillow.

“Good Morning to you too, sweetie.” He said with a teasing voice, giving me a grin.

“What are you doing here?” I questioned sharply.

“To wake you up.” He smiled.

“Great idea, curly!” I rolled my eyes and thrown the pillow on his face and shoved him off.

I walked as fast as I can to the kitchen and open the fridge to see what food I could prepare. While the curly haired boy sat down on the stool and watch every move I make.

“Are you going to cook for me?” he asked. I don’t know if he’s annoying me or he’s just like that. I mean, it’s his normal attitude.

“So, you’re here to have breakfast?” I said, raising a brow. “You know what? You should have bought me Mcdonalds or at least bought me a cup of coffee and a doughnut. Then I’ll appreciate you, being here in my flat.” I sighed in annoyance.

“But you’re a chef soon and a great barista, I believe you could make your own breakfast.” He paused. “Plus mine.” He added and grinned.

“Okay fine. I’m gonna make you breakfast because ‘I’m going to be a chef soon and I’m a great barista’.” I said mocking his statement earlier.

“You like me do you? You’re just pretending that you don’t.”

“Not a chance, curly.” I answered not glaring at him.

There was a silence all over the area as I assumed Harry became speechless on my statement. Seconds later, I felt Harry attacked me at my back, tickling my side. Arms effortlessly carried me while blowing my ears as I leaned my head on his right shoulder. My back close to his chest feeling the vibration as he deeply laughed.

“Oh my god, Harry. Stop.” I pleaded slightly chuckling but he didn’t complied.

“Okay. This is not funny anymore. Stop it Harry.” I almost fell on the floor because of his actions. The air I’m breathing, not satisfying my need.

“I didn’t know you’re ticklish.” Harry chuckled.

“Now you know.” I answered struggling to catch my breath. “And should not be doing it again.”

Harry stood up and lifted me up on the floor. I slightly punched his arm as I walked to the toast I made. He touched his arm and mouthed an ‘oww’. I know he’s pretending as I saw him smile widely as if nothing happened. Harry’s enjoying this. I take it as an annoying act but for him it’s like ‘happy moments’.

Not for too long, I survived breakfast with curly. The thing that startled me the most was he offered to wash the dishes. I said no but still he insisted. I don’t have idea if he’s only trying to impress me because he likes me or he’s simply being cute. I had visitors before but they didn’t mind washing the dishes.

“Do you…like, always do this? I mean washing the dishes even though you’re a visitor?” I asked curiously, watching him.

“I once washed dishes on a party.” He chuckled.

His eyes met my gaze as he answered then back on the dishes. Harry’s eyes are so beautiful. His dark curls fell on his face as he bends forward adjusting his towering height on the low sink. I watched him intently noticing his toned arm as he move.

It seems like my actions are being caught by him. Harry sprinkled water on my face. I gape, shocked by its cold temperature. He is such a naughty lad.

“Oh my god!” I spat. “Why would you do that?”

“You’re staring at me like you never saw a hot guy like me.”

“You’re really proud about on how you look, do you?” I joked.

I let my hand be soaked in water. He cheekily smiled at me and attempted to run knowing I will have revenge but I gripped his wrist. His eyes widened, not expecting the strength I’m giving.

“Going somewhere?” I smirked.

“I like this part. You, gripping my wrist then you’ll have revenge and I’ll tug you close to me and pin you on the nearest wall I see and..”

“Save it. Wow. You’re creepier than I expected.” I gasped jokingly.

He laughed at loud that his voice echoed inside my house and loud as my neighbors can completely hear him. We walked towards the living room to watch a movie. I got down onto my knees in front of the vast DVD collection I had accumulated. My index finger trailed along the spines of the cases.

“What do you want to watch, Mr?”


“…I want to know more about you.” He spoke quietly, smiling. I came over to him and sat down.

“Interesting. It looks like I have to know more about you, creeper.”  I teased poking his cheek exactly on the spot of his dimples.

“Who should go first?” he asked placing his arms crossed over his chest.

“Let’s just play a game. The one who’ll lose will be the first to share.”

“Okay but let’s make a twist.” He paused. “The one who’ll win will get a kiss.” He grinned.


“No buts Jessie.” His raspy voice said. “Best of two!”

“Okay then. Guess the finger I’ll use to touch your head. Turn around and close your eyes!” I ordered.

Once Harry did my order, I touched him using my ring finger. I let him turn around and chose what the answer is, but he picked my middle finger. The next time around, he got the correct answer.

“My turn!” He exclaimed.

“Go!” I said almost shouting.

He repeated exactly the same steps I did earlier. Harry opened his palm and placed it in front of me.

“Umm…that was..your index finger!” I exclaimed giggling.

“Uh-oh. Wrong answer baby.” He frowned teasing me.

“I still have one chance!” I spat as I furrowed my eyebrows.

“Okay. Close your eyes!” he said.


Harry repeated the procedure; he touched me by his index finger and let me choose the answer afterwards. Unluckily, I picked the wrong answer, again.

“Yes! I’m the winner! You should kiss me then.” He said smiling like he won the lottery as he winked at me.

“Ugh. I hate you curly!” I sighed. “I’ll kiss you on the cheek.”

“Nah, you don’t have to decide, baby. I’m gonna do it for you.” He smirked.

“We didn’t come up with that rule!” I complained.

“You didn’t asked me.”

“You’re unfair.” I glared at him.

I could see happiness on his eyes while I looked at him angrily, disappointed that I lost. His cheeky smile annoys me but I should play sports.

“Fine.” I huffed.

“I want to be kissed on my lips.”

“W-what?” I stuttered as my eyes widened because of his statement.

“I’m ready.” He closed his eyes and pouted his lips.

I don’t want to do it. But I should. I slowly moved forward, shaking. My breath trembling as I move closer and closer, I feel like there’s a lump formed on the back of my throat. I gulped, I’m an inch closer to Harry. I really can’t do this so I grabbed the throw pillow and hit his face.

“Owww! My eyes!” he shouted placing one hand on his left eye, bending his body onto his lap.

My eyes widened. I feel the guilt showering over me. I quickly said sorry as I worriedly moved closer to see his stricken eye. I cupped his face on my left hand and removing his hand that’s currently covering his eye by my other hand. He’s squeezing his eye saying it hurts so badly. I was too busy investigating the spot, not realizing I’m seated on his lap. Harry snaked his arms on my waist and opened his eye.

“Kidding!” he exclaimed, laughing. “This position is so much better!” he said.

“You’re not funny. You made me worried.” I said seriously as I shoved my hands to his chest, pushing him away.

“Sorry.” His brows furrowed when I flinched away from his hold.

“Don’t touch me!”

“Sorry Jess. I didn’t me…”

“Kidding! Ha-ha!” I shouted laughing. “You didn’t saw that coming, eh?” I slipped my tongue between my lips.

After playing we decided to have a normal conversation and ask questions that we would want to know about each other. The conversation just went natural and endless. I love conversations like this, especially to people I barely know.

I discovered that Harry is also not a morning person and he sometimes woke up at 3 in the afternoon. He also said that he like girls who have weird hobbies-the girl who can bond with boys and be cool with them. He also likes swimming and hanging around with his friends. I also learned that Harry have four best friends which are Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn.

I’m having a good time with Harry. Slowly, I feel comfortable with him. All I can say is I’ll love to have Harry be a part of my life.


A week has passed since Harry and I are seeing each other. Slowly, day by day, Harry is changing my life in a way that’s he is helping me to break down the big wall in my heart that’s stopping me to love again. We clicked together quite easily that made us to be best of friends. It’s fun having a boy best friend because you got to be yourself. All the things we do are pure fun and we enjoy everything. Every moment is a treasure. Misunderstandings didn’t have any place in our relationship which Rose and I are experiencing.

I haven’t seen or talked to Rose since Harry and I met. She has been so busy with something but she seemed too happy without me, which hurts a lot. Avoiding her for a while was the best thing I could do while I let her be happy. I just feel bad at her; I always know everything she does. I’m even the first to know all about it. Now she’s being too distant. I don’t know what I’ve done to her or if I did anything to make her be like this. But that’s fine. I mean I feel she’s happy with the presence of others. What hurts the most was, she’s slowly losing me but she doesn’t know, she’s not feeling it because she’s happy.

Luckily, Harry is here to fill up the gap between Rose and I. He is here to comfort me. Every day that pass by, Harry is getting important to me. I’ve given him my trust. The trust that I’ve never given to anyone before. I trust him in terms of he’s different and he’s going to be true to me. Expecting something from him everyday spoils me like the ‘good morning’ messages and his daily visits in my flat to bring me breakfast. Small things yet matters to me the most, it were the things that have a big space in my heart.

“Jessie. Let’s go out later.”

I rolled facing to his side, “We’re going to eat?” I asked excitedly, but he shook his head. “Where are we going then?”

“Don’t worry about it. I got this.” He assured me.

I nodded in agreement as he gave me a cheeky smile. His dimples deeply intended either side of his cheeks when he smiles. His curls lay messily over his head. He hugged me and kissed my forehead, focusing back to the movie we’re watching.

I was busy preparing myself when my phone buzzed. I grasped the device and opened the message.

From: Curly

“I’m on my way. I’ll be there in 3 minutes. Make sure you’ll be in front of your house when I got there. Bring jacket.”

“Why am I supposed to bring jacket? It’s not even cold.” I spoke to my phone before throwing it onto my bed.

I complied at Harry’s order to bring jacket and checked my things before going downstairs. I locked the door and made sure it was secured. Harry arrived too soon as I expected. He climbed out of the car and walked towards me.

“You look gorgeous.” He complimented as he smiled.

“Thanks, curly.” I said kissing his cheek.

“Let’s go.”

I nodded, walking to where his car was parked. He helped me get in and yanked the door close. He jogged to the other side and get in. The moment the engine was turned on, the car accelerated and left the place.



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