Only Just A Dream

Imagine a perfect life, a perfect job and a perfect lover surrounded by amazing friends turns out to be Only Just A Dream.

Find out how a dream be a reality when the boy you dreamed about show up.

“I don’t want to believe in anything anymore. I always end up being hurt.” Jess said crying.


2. Chapter 2

….“So why are you crying earlier?” the question made him to be in a serious manner.

“I felt like I need someone to talk to but nobody was here for me and I just, you know, I can’t keep my feelings anymore. I want to be noticed. I want to be happy for once. I want to feel that the things I do are worth it. And I think I deserve something better.” I answered struggling to hold back my tears but end up, crying in front of him.

“I just want someone to listen to me and say nothing. Someone who’ll comfort me.” I added.

He scoot close to me and hugged me. He didn’t say anything at all. He lightly tapped my back up and down to comfort me. Even though I just met Harry, in his presence, I feel safe. I feel loved. I feel happy.


I heard the telephone ringing simultaneously which caused to cut my emotional dream. I squeezed my eyes as I adjust from the light in my living room. I sat up as I looked around only to find my eyes landing on the window. It was still raining. I soon realized that I slept with my tv turned on. I took a minute to see what show is up, guess that was exactly the scene in my dream. I can’t remember it so much, all I see is a blurry memory. There’s a saying that your dreams are almost about something you hear so that’s probably why. I stood up from the sofa I previously rested and walked to the hall lazily to check who called earlier. I pressed the button and listened to the message.


”Hi Jess! This is rose. I’m excited to see you again. I hope the rain stops soon! I miss you. See yah tomorrow maybe? Take care!“


I smiled cheekily on her message. She’s so weird and I think that’s what I like about her the most because we’re exactly the same. She’s my best friend since high school and was the only person who brought me up when things screwed up before. It’s just funny that she totally hate me before but things get better and I’m happy that we met.


My thoughts stopped there when I remembered this week is my last week in college and I’m free. I’m really lazy to go to uni now even though I love what I’m studying.


I walked through the kitchen and prepared a cup of tea. I proceeded to my room to put socks on since the weather makes my feet cold. I have nothing to do now. Many thoughts are coming to my mind. I took a deep breath and released a heavy sigh as I sense the feeling of boredom. I wandered in my room and found my laptop. I grabbed and opened it. My finger clicked the site I want to explore and soon scrolled  my dash on tumblr. I lied down in my front and reblogged the things I like. It is working, the feeling is getting better until I felt my eyes started to be heavy. The laptop that was used minutes ago was set aside as my day is ended.




“Shit.” I cursed, realizing the time from my clock. I’m going to be late at work.


I got up quickly to take a shower. I pulled up my jeans and put on my top. The weather is fine now. Mr. Sun is shining so bright and I’m loving it. My keys was grabbed on my desk and hurriedly walked down the stairs. I locked the door and made sure it is secured before I leave.


I only walk to work even though I have a car because it was just blocks away and I think it’s a bit of an exercise if I do.


“Jess!” I heard Rose shouted my name.


I was attacked by the girl’s body who I think is going to kill me.


“Woah, wa..wait Rose.” I struggled wriggling from her touch. “Hey, are you going to kill me?” I raised a brow and lightly chuckled as she completely released me.


“Omg. No, sorry. I missed you so much you know?” she answered giggling.


“We haven’t seen each other for just ONE day. You’re mad!” I teased, walking to the locker room as she entertained a customer.


Rose and I work in a coffee shop. She got interested when I told her that I’m applying for the job and luckily, we’re accepted.


I made my way to the counter to help Rose and Mae in getting orders. I’m a barista, since I was a child I dreamed to be one. I always watch coffee tutorials on youtube and curiosity made me to be a good barista. I really love coffee. I think that’s the important factor in this job. I remember one time I went to different coffee shops and compare tastes of the coffees. I didn’t even care that I am alone though. The funny part was after my ‘coffee tasting’, I can’t sleep at all like all day, all night, AWAKE.


My shift is done. I heard the door swung as a tall, dark curly haired guy entered the shop. His jeans clung perfectly to his lower half, a white t shirt adorning his torso. Big green eyes met my gaze as I stood frozen to the spot as the intimidating height of the male shadowed over me.


“I heard you’re the great barista in this place.” he said still looking at my brown eyes while giving me a smirk.


“I may be, sir. But my shift is done just a few minutes ago.” I nervously replied. His brows furrowed. “My workmate will be the one to make your coffee though. She’s also a great barista.” I added and gave him a polite smile and was about to exit but he said something that caused me to stop.


“No! I want you..” he paused. “to make coffee for me.” he mumbled.

“But sir..” I was about to say something when my manager cut me off and asked me to do the customer’s order.


Ugh. He’s annoying.  He must be thankful that I find him cute or else I’ll not do it.


“Do it Jess. I’ll give you incentives for this.” Dave said whispering.”


“Okay, Dave. If it’s not only for you and your incentive.” I rolled my eyes and released a heavy sigh before preparing the lad’s order. I felt his gaze on me but I didn’t bother. I want to finish his order soon. I want to go home. I’m really tired.


“Caffe Cappuccino for…” Oh, god! I forgot to ask his name.

“Harry.” The lad said in his raspy voice. “I’m Harry.” he said his name again as he grabbed his order and I exited.

I walked into the locker room to change. I unlocked my locker and open it when Rose pushed it close again.

“Heeeyy.” Rose greeted giving me a grin.

“Hi.” I answered smiling.

“So, who’s the cute guy you’re talking with earlier?” she asked intrigued as she gave me a teasing look.

“Ohh. A customer?” I chuckled leaving her a short answer.

“I know okay. But he seemed to be interested on you.” she mumbled.

“Stop it Rose. I don’t care. I don’t like him anyway.” Do I? Moving on. Rose said her goodbye while I returned to the task I was doing earlier.

I checked my things again and waved to Dave goodbye.

“Hey Dave! Remember my incentive okay?” I bragged.

“Yeah, I remember!” he answered as I exited the shop.

I’m going home alone today since Rose left first because of a family event. I put my headphones on and selected a music on my ipod. Once it was set, I started walking but someone blocked the path I was walking.

“Where are you going, love? A familiar voice asked.

I’ve seen him before. Why is he here? Why is he asking me that?

“I waited for you here. C’mon, I’ll drive you home.”


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