Only Just A Dream

Imagine a perfect life, a perfect job and a perfect lover surrounded by amazing friends turns out to be Only Just A Dream.

Find out how a dream be a reality when the boy you dreamed about show up.

“I don’t want to believe in anything anymore. I always end up being hurt.” Jess said crying.


1. Chapter 1

The sky was dark and full of emotions. There were no stars that twinkle whenever I look up. It was a cold rainy night. Now the raindrops seem to be my tears at the same time. I’m feeling lonely and really sad as I was alone in my flat asking myself why can’t I have someone better. Why can’t I have someone to say the things on my mind, what I feel right now. I’m tired of holding back my emotions. I really can’t take it anymore. I stood up from where I’m seated near the window and carelessly yanked the door open and ran without knowing where my feet would take me. My vision was blurred that I’m almost blinded because of the tears formed in the corner of my eyes as it was simultaneously falling. I can’t barely see the path I’m passing through. It was foggy and the rain’s going hard. My shirt’s slowly drenched by the water falling from above. I don’t know what to do. I just don’t care anymore. I want to be happy. I want to be loved. I want them to see that all the things I do are worth it. I want to let my feelings out. I can’t do this on my own.

I’ve been running for not so long now until I felt tired and my heart’s thumping fast. I keep catching my breath and I felt my feet weak as I slowed down from running. I finally woke up from reality and desperately want to rest. As soon as I found a spot to sit, I took the advantage. I feel so cold, my body was shaking so bad. Oh well, who wouldn’t be cold if you ran in the rain without bringing anything to keep you warm or at least keep you dry. I’m just literally stupid sometimes. I was feeling quite better compared earlier but the dark sky is not. I’m shaking until I felt weird when the rain stop pouring from my cold body when it’s still raining so hard. Someone’s offering me an umbrella. Few seconds later, I heard a raspy voice asked,

“What are you doing here, love?” I didn’t pay much attention to his question since I’m really not in the mood and I’m exhausted. He sat beside me since I didn’t replied to him but the lad didn’t gave up and asked, “Why are you alone and letting yourself get wet in the rain? Do you have a problem? I can listen to it if you want.”

He had too many questions but his words enlightened me so I looked at the direction to where he is now seated. He gave me a sweet smile. His dimples appeared in his face and I feel that it attracts me very much but that didn’t change the mood I’m in.

“I’m fine.” I replied and noticed his eyebrows furrow.

“You’re fine? I saw you crying for quite long and you’re fine? You’re sick!” he said as if he’s trying to let me understand what I have done. The lad folded his umbrella which shocked me. What the hell is he doing?!

“Shit. What are you doing?!” I said shouting at him but a bit worried.

“Joining you in the rain until you answer my questions.” he grinned at me.

I swear he’s insane! “Oh, god!” I cursed. “You don’t understand.”

“How can I understand if you’re not telling me anything?” I heard his angelic raspy voice again and he chuckled after


Why is he so concerned? I can’t tell him anything. I don’t even know him. But he’s the person I need right now and I can’t let him be soaked in the rain as I do.

“Okay, fine.” I said after releasing a heavy sigh. “But not here. I will not let you get soaked in the water you know?” I said looking at his gorgeous green orbs. I saw him smile widely at my statement.

“I..can you do me a favor?” I asked him shyly, looking down.

He cupped my face, looked into my brown eyes and said, “Sure. What’s that love?” I saw him smiling at me. He’s so beautiful. I feel the heat spread on my cheeks too. Damn, Jess, answer now!

“Yeah, can you stay in my flat for a while? The thunder and lightning frightens me.”

“My pleasure!”

“I guess driving you home will not be a great idea because we’re both wet, eh?” he giggled.

I laughed at his statement. “Yeah, I can still walk though.” I noticed him staring at me as he wait for my reply. “W-what?” I felt my cheeks turn red so I looked down.

“Nothing. I just thought that you’re beautiful if you’re not crying.”

“You know what, let’s just walk fast. I’m really cold right now.” I said trying to avoid what he said.

“I can hug you if you want.” he chuckled bumping my hip and winked.

What the hell is wrong with this lad? Is he just trying to make me happy or he’s trying to make his charm work on me? For what his reasons might be, I just don’t know but it’s quite working.

We soon arrived at my flat. I let him enter the living room and asked him seat down in the sofa. I grabbed a towel for him to not feel cold while I took a quick shower. I finished taking a shower and wrapped the towel on my body while humming a my favorite song and yanked the door open.

“Oh my god!” I cursed, shocked as I saw his towering height covering my small ones. “What are you doing in front of the bathroom?”  I tightly gripped the towel that is currently the only thing I am wearing.

“I’m looking around? And accidentally stopped here?” I raised an eyebrow to him. ”But hey, you got a great body.” he teased as he gave me a grin.


I prepared two cups of coffee for us and made my way to the living room where I left the stranger who voluntarily brought me home.

“Hi.” I shyly spoke as I handed him his coffee.

“Hi.” he smiled. “Are you alone in here?” curiosity urged him to ask.

“Yeah.” I replied after sipping a small amount of my coffee.

“Wow. This is too big for you.” he said amazed.

I smiled and realized we haven’t introduced ourselves so I took the first move. “I, uh…sorry for being rude to you for not saying my name, I’m Jessie Humphrey. You can call me Jess.”

I studied his face and he is really beautiful. His dark curly hair is so fluffy and successively intimidates me. His dimples are always showing up whenever he smile. And his orbs makes me melt whenever he’s looking at me. He’s almost perfect!

“I’m Harry Styles.” he answered breaking the silence. I heard a snap which cause me to stop from staring at him.

“Oh, hi Harry.” I chuckled to at least lessen the awkwardness I started.

“Are we just saying ‘hi’ to each other or?” He joked. “So why are you crying earlier?” the question made him to be in a serious manner.

“I felt like I need someone to talk to but nobody was here for me and I just, you know, I can’t keep my feelings anymore. I want to be noticed. I want to be happy for once. I want to feel that the things I do are worth it. And I think I deserve something better.” I answered struggling to hold back my tears but end up, crying in front of him.

“I just want someone to listen to me and say nothing. Someone who’ll comfort me.” I added.

He scoot close to me and hugged me. He didn’t say anything at all. He lightly tapped my back up and down to comfort me. Even though I just met Harry, in his presence, I feel safe. I feel loved. I feel happy.

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