dreamland of love

Sarah is just a ordinary girl. or is she?
on the eve of her 18 birthday Sarah runs into an old friend


1. about me

I know I have never been "normal" but who is? But I not even remotely normal. For I am princess of the fae. Sure you think fae are small and fragile, like tinker bell. That we will die if no one believes in us. Wrong, we fought in the wars, for America of course. Although we look normal we are most defiantly not. First we have a tint of green to our skin, it is hardly noticeable. Our hair is normal, other than fuzziness but to be honest it looks better than most humans.my hair is a golden blonde, I have dark brown eyes that can hypnotize people. Or so I have been told. Fae have powers. Not all of us have the same power. For instance my birth mother the queen, she can read minds, which is not really a good thing. I’m in pretty good shape. Maybe a model figure. I’m shy, I never stood out in my host family but with my host family I was with him, my love. His name is harry. Harry styles. I haven’t seen him in four years. But tonight I’m breaking out after I meet my betrothed. But I guess you guys want to know what I mean by my “host” family. You see, when I was born I was….. Switched at birth, and put in with a host family.

  “Sarah darling, our future king is awaiting for you!!” William said, my body guard, although I’m pretty sure I’m stronger than him. I glide down the stairs in my ball gown. Especially made for this moment. It is black and a lilac purple.

.”I’m coming right down William!” I call out. I reach the bottom of the stairs, I see shadows and only can assume that it is my betrothed. But all I can think of is seeing harry. I walk into the room. My future husband is facing away from me, He turns around and I gasp. I can't believe what I see.


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