Over Again *On Hold* ;(

One word describes it all " Revenge" or is it......


9. x

Adriana's p.o.v

        I was glad my sister let my stay over at her flat. Ever since she left, my life hasn't been the same. My parents don't care what I do their never there when I needed them Annabel has always been their though.She was the one that paid for my cheer uniform, my prom dress, and send me gifts on holidays. She's more of a parent then mine will ever be.I put my three luggage into the cab then head to Annabel's flat. It was a two hour ride there.Once I got there it was huge. I bet everyone thinks that. I don't bother to knock and make my way in. Next thing I knew I was embarrassed into a hug.


        " Adriana, I can't believe your actually here."She let go of me and took two of my bags." Come on I'll show you your room. And what did you leave most of your stuff at moms and dads."


        " No this is all of it.The money you sent me to buy clothes,I saved it for my university." I know she said she would help pay for it but It was my responsibility as well not hers.


        " Okay, we'll talk about this later.Its not much but it will be after we decorate it." She tells me holding the door nob then opens it. We go inside it was huge, there was a king size bed in the middle of the room, a 65 inch hanging on the wall my own bathroom and my favorite, a walk in closet. I turn around and I see my sister with a smile on her face leaning on the wall.


        " What? Why are you smiling." I say confused


        " You act like you never had your own room. But what ever lets unpack,"  She opens my luggage and gives me a weird look. " Second thought lets go to the mall you really need to update your wardrobe."


        " And what is that suppose to mean." I snapped back at her with a little attitude


        "What I'm trying to say is this is all ugly. Who wears overalls now a days. Gosh Adri keep up now come on let's go sho-" She got cut off by her cell ringing.


Annabel's P.O.V


        I look at my phone it was Zayn. Probably asking if we are still on for tonight, which I cant now that my sister is her.


        "Hey babe. Are you still at the studio? "


        "No I just left right now. So we still on for tonight?"


        " I can't my sister just moved in with me and I don't wanna leave her alone since she just came today."


        " Oh no it's fine love, but I would love to meet her." 

        " Why don't you come over, we're about to go to the mall to buy her clothes."


        " Yeah sure, I'll be there in a bit. Love you."


        "Love you too, Bye."


        I hang up then turn back to Adriana.


        " Okay go shower.I'll get you some clothes then, we can go to the mall when Zayn comes and maybe the rest of them."  I could tell she looked nervous. She never met the boys and doesn't even know me and Harry were together.


        " Okay I'll be ready in awhile." She gave me a weak smile and walked into the bathroom. I go to my room grab a white jumper, aqua wash jeans, white toms, and a pair a Ray-Bans for her to wear and put it on her bed. I go down stairs and I hear laughing in the kitchen. I walk in and everyone stares at me then at Niall who was trying to fix one of the cupboards he broke I bet.


        " What the hell happened in here!!" I Practically scream at him.No one says a word. " Well?!?"


        " Well you see is I -ugh- umm." He chocked on his own words.


        " Broke my damn house. Just leave it how cares I'll call someone to fix it."  I walk towards Zayn about to give him a proper Hello instead of yelling at Niall when Adriana walks in.


        " Why the heck are you screaming fo- " We all look at her. She had turned red and looked embarrassed. So I make my way over to her and wrap one hand around her.


        " Everyone this is my sister Adriana.She will now be living with me."

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