Over Again *On Hold* ;(

One word describes it all " Revenge" or is it......


10. True Colors

Adriana P.O.V

        Everyone now had their attention towards me now. Its like they never seen a 19 year old before, which I bet they have considering they are one direction. They were handsome. I was about to say hello when one of them came to introduce themselves to me.


        " Hi I'm Zayn, that's Niall, Louis and Liam. Harry's-"


        " What about me." To be honest they all looked better then all the posters in my friends wall. I'm a fan but not a 'detected' one. Zayn was about to answer his question when my sister started using her French.


        " What the fuck Styles. What makes you think you can just come in, like you own the place," Right behind him comes a girl with a cast on her arm and a neck brace . I cover my mouth trying not to laugh." And you brought this bit-"


        I was actually glad Zayn came and covered her mouth. If he didn't it wouldn't be pretty. I wonder why she told Harry all that when the boys did it and if she did all those things to that girl.I would ask but knowing she not in the best mood I'll just wait.


       " I just came to tell the boys I'm leaving to our flat. But also brought Catherine so you could ugh...i don't know apologize for what you did." Well that answered one question. Zayn releases Annabel and she walks closer to Catherine I'm guessing that's her name and gives her a calming smile


       " I am truly sorry for fucking you up at the party, and for you acting like a fucking retarded ass when your drunk, that your not cute in that neck brace of yours," Everyone looks at her in silence mouth dropped. I really didn't expect this even though I saw it coming but not this way I thought she would be telling Harry off.But hey at least she apologized...progress right? When she was about to walk away she turns around and continues to 'apologize.' " Oh and I'm also sorry that your a nasty ass little bitch that can't control her fucking mouth when your drunk after i told you not to and you'll regret it. Now you can leave bye." Damn my sister could be cold sometimes.She went to open the door for her. Catherine and Harry left leaving all of us in the kitchen shocked well mostly the boys they really never seen this side of her I bet. Harry was about to say something to her but she just shook her head and closed the door behind them. She made her way back into the kitchen.


       " Adriana how about you just go to the store and bye yourself whatever you need for your room and we'll go shopping some other time." By the looks of her face I could tell she was irritated from what just happened a few moments ago.


       " Yeah okay sure. But can one of you guys come with me  I'm going to need help with everything." I just didn't want to be alone considering i just got here this morning.


       " Yeah sure I'll go. So will Liam and Louis.Now come on lets go we don't have all day." Niall pushed us outside giving me enough time to grab my sister's card and my purse.Then we headed off to God knows where their taking me.


       Annabel's P.O.V


         After they left leaving me and Zayn standing in the middle of my kitchen, I go to the fridge to grab something to eat but it was empty since the boys stayed over last night I guess they took some of the food to go. I turn around and I see Zayn staring at me. Me knowing him well, I had a feeling he was going to ask something but I brought it up before he could even talk. 


        " Zayn I love you with all my heart but just leave it alone. I don't want to talk about it, at least not right now. I'm sick of all this him, her, the drama please." I whispered but yelled, making my voice crack at the end. Before he can answer I grab my car keys and my bag." Can we go get breakfast?" 


         " Yeah come on, I'll drive us to a restaurant." I look through my bag to find my keys to my ranger rover but I couldn't find them.


         " Babe have you seen my keys to the Range Rover I can't find them."  


       " No, what car did Niall take?" Was that why he was in such a rush to leave. That little leprechaun stole my baby, just wait till he comes back.I grab my keys to the hummer and meet Zayn outside.


       " He took the Range Rover, but I got the keys to the hummer." We make our way to the car and head off.


         *Two Hours Later* 


       After we ate and talked we get ready to go back to my place. We got into the car it was silence until we were half way home, when Zayn spoke up. 


         " So you never told me why your sister is living with you now"


         " To be honest I really don't know she just told me that our parents are moving to the states and that she didn't want to go but I bet there's something else too."


         " Oh and your brother he's moving to the states as well ?" 


         " No he just turned eighteen and bought his own flat not so long ago. But I really haven't talked to him ever since we fought before I left." I look our the window, so Zayn won't see the tears on my face. Ever since me and Zayn started dating I've been becoming  the " old me", I guess you can say.


         " Annabel look at me,"  He pulls over and turns my head so that I'm now facing him. " It's okay to cry, but can I ask what you guys fought about though." 


         " We'll it was mostly because of me leaving them to model and that I was going to forget about them the life I used to live, And to not bother coming back that they didn't need me." By now I stopped crying because I don't care anymore of what they thought or even think of me. I am perfectly happy with my life and what I done with it. Mostly because I have my sister and my boyfriend in my life, that's more then enough.


         " We'll I bet he regrets everything he said now. And they did need you at least your sister did. I can see that your very important to her just as she is to you." He started the car and made our way back to the house. When we got there I see that my sister and the boys were back. We go inside and the house was full of furniture and paint buckets. 


         " Adriana get down here now!!" I try making my way through the mess almost impossible but I did it still. When she comes down stairs her and the boys are cover in multicolored paints. "Okay so can you guys explain to me what's all this stuff," I say gesturing to all the furniture. "I told you to buy some things for your room. Not the whole damn store Adriana." 


         " No you told me to go buy what ever I need for my room and this is what I need for my room and for the bathroom." 


         " Okay fine whatever just go put this stuff in your room but I'm not helping ill be in my office doing some paper work with Zayn if you need me." As we make our way to the room I feel a hand on my shoulder. I turn around and I see Niall looking kinda nervous.  


       "Annabel can I talk to you in private please." It looked like he was sweating a little. 


         " Ummm yeah sure lets go to the dinning area and talk there." Once we get in there I turn around and face Niall. " So what did you want to tell me."


         " Okay don't get mad but I think I ugh kinda have a crush on Adriana"  


          " Niall, if I were you right now I'll run. Just giving you a heads up." 




* I am sorry I haven't updated in two weeks my Laptop is broken right now and i am using my Friends but i will try more often to update - Ronetta :)

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