Over Again *On Hold* ;(

One word describes it all " Revenge" or is it......


6. The Party

Annabel's P.O.V ( Skip getting ready)

•At the Party•

        Once we got to the party it was already packed. There was people dancing on each other, drinking, laughing and just having a great time. I just hope nothing bad happens to night. Zayn goes with the boy's while I got and say hi to a few people. ~ moments later~  After saying hi to almost everyone I thought I would join the boys and Catherine


        " Hey guys."  I  hugged everyone except for Harry. He just left with Catherine.


        "Hi happy birthday," they all said at the same time. "Oh Annabel Can I talk to you in private?" Zayn added


         " Yeah sure let's talk outside  We made our way threw the crowd and I saw Harry giving Zayn a death glare. He either needs to calm himself down or I'll do it.


        "okay so what did you want to talk about.." I asked looking into his eyes sweetly...him knowing I'm not this type of person.


        "Haha stop acting like that you scare me," we both laughed at the comment " But anyways, I really like you from the day we met and you are someone I want to keep in the future. So I was wondering if you would want to be my girlfriend ?"


        I started laughing. He gave me a confused look thinking he got rejected. " So first you say I scare you then you say you like me. Make up your mind Malik but yes I would be your girlfriend." He pulled me in for kiss that made me feel special like he cared about me..


        " Oh god I thought I just got rejected," I shook my head while bitting my lip " Well let's go inside." 


        We walked inside hand in hand making our way back to the boys.But they were all gone except for Harry and Catherine. When we got to their table I noticed Catherine was a little tipsy.Perfect..


        " Hey Harry, Hi Catherine" I say while smiling at them this should be fun.


        " Hi are you guys like together?" Harry's jaw tightened when he said together while looking at Zayn for an answer.

        " Yeah we are we -" Before he could finish talking he was cut by Catherine's drunk mouth


        " wow Annabel your going around aren't you first Harry then Zayn who's next Niall...Harry was right you are a whore." She mumbled the last part. I was really angry now and when I am angry its not not pretty.


        " Really Harry you called me a whore?" I screamed he tried to cut me off but I continued "And for you fucking information Catherine I am not a whore okay the last guy I dated was harry, never had a one-night stand, don't jump from guy to guy and trust me I wont be going "around"' Next thing I knew she was in font of my face.


        " Keep telling yourself that....whore." Next thing I know my fist met her face she was on the floor lip bleeding as well as  her nose. Harry goes next her her to check on her but she gets up and try's to hit me but I caught her fist before she could.


        " See Catherine I wouldn't do that if I were you. Unless you want a black eye and broken bones." I said while looking into her eyes. I hear zayn and harry telling me to calm down which I ignored . Its a good thing they know not to get close to me when i'm mad. I will hit anyone not carrying who they are.


"Try me, lets see if you have the nerve." Isn't she in for a treat. Once again I punched her but this time in the stomach then punching her face making her fall I got on top of her punched her and my fist went straight on her eye. That was when everyone started coming to see what was going on. I got pulled of by 3 security's one got elbowed in the cheek.They took me outside and left. I turn around and I see Harry coming my way.


     "What do you want styles shouldn't you be with Catherine cleaning her blood and doing something about her black eye." I wipe the blood of my knuckles laughing at the same time.


        " Zayn I is helping her he wanted me to talk to you and fix what ever there is to be fixed."


        " There's nothing to be fixed here so just go okay." A tear was about to come out my eyes from how angry I was at this moment


         " Nothing to talk about what happen out there huh tell me!!" Did he just tell me that..


" What happen out there was that you called me a whore Harry, At  least that is what she said but don't you dare say you didn't or you didn't mean it Styles." He knows when I use his last name i'm serious. I guess he saw my eyes get teared up from all my anger because he was about to say something but I did before he could," Now if you excuse me i'm going to go get cleaned up then spend the rest of the night with my boyfriend." I could tell the last word killed him inside...

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