Over Again *On Hold* ;(

One word describes it all " Revenge" or is it......


3. Surprises

Annabel's P.O.V   • Day before the Party• 

        Today I had to go to the banquet to make sure everything is ready. I walk inside and its amazing the lights are all set up for the night the bar is stocked...the decorations are set up. Now all I have to do is wait for tomorrow. I just hope Someone special comes to the party that I have in mind and It's not the Harry Styles......

•Day of party• 

        Finally the day has come. I wake up take a shower, letting the water drip down face. I get out and get dressed into a black crop top, a white long skirt and black heels. I straighten my hair then I do my makeup I add just a little since I my skin is clear I don't really need to cover it up much. After I was done getting ready I go down stairs to find Amber making breakfast.

       " Ummm Hey Amber how did you get into my house.." I say while looking at her flip the pancakes.

       " When you went to New York and left me your key to watch the house I made a copy of it" she said as if its normal

        " why would you-  Never mind I really don't care." I say while making my towards the fridge getting some orange juice

        " aren't you excited to see you know who he might even ask you out you know...i talked to him at the party last week and he asked me how where u doing blah blah blah." Wow I love how she knows more about my life more then I do...but why would he wanna know anything about me but it can be good chance to prove i'm over Harry since my manager thinks i'm not


       " Why were you guys talking about me? " I say a little harsh then i intended


       "Oh my gosh we were just talking and you came into the conversation and I know you like him." She says with a smirk. I hate it when shes right mostly when it comes to boy talk she knows my weakness, every time we talk about boys I like I just turn into good girl mode..i hate it.

       " okay fine whatever can we stop talking about this I feel weird. Anyways can we go shopping before doing out for lunch I need something to wear for tonight." I say while putting the dishes in the dishwasher.

        " yeah sure just let me get my bag and we can go" she shouted while running up stairs.


 * At the Mall* 


        We got to the mall and it was not really packed. There were a few crowds every now and then. We go inside the Top Shop to see what's new and to my surprise Catherine was here with another person pretty good looking I guess you can say. I go up to her while leaving  Amber looking at the Skirts. 

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