Over Again *On Hold* ;(

One word describes it all " Revenge" or is it......


13. Problems and Drama

Annabel's P.O.V


         I wake up and take a look at my cell phone. It was 9:32. I throw my self back onto the bed and started to think about my life. Did I do the right decision, leaving my family to live my dream as a successful model. Doing half the things that I know I shouldn't. But most of all the reason why me and Harry broke up was ruining my relationship with Zayn. I want to tell him but I don't like bring up the past, but I think he has the right to know. I hear a knock on my door making me jump. I can hear the sound of guys voices coming from down stairs. Instead of opening the door I just yell for them to inter. It was Adriana   


       " Hey Annabel the boys are down stairs in the main room. Do I tell them your a sleep or what?" 


       " Wait why are they here it's like nine in the morning. Just tell them I'll be down in a minute Okay." Wait she said the boys are here. Does she mean all of them or just the four except Harry. " Adrianna are all the boys here even Harry."  


      " Yeah he's here too, Oh and Eleanor as well. But I'll go tell them you'll be down in a while." 


        I get out of bed and go to my closet to get my clothes out. Then I go into the shower, letting the hot water wash away my thoughts. I get out and dry my self before putting on my cream lace top with some dark blue jeans. I blow dry my hair and curl it to add extra volume. After doing my make up I grab my pumps and head down stairs. I go into the main room to find everyone looking at me.


        " What? Why are you guys looking at me like that?" Everyone had there full attention on me, well everyone except for Harry.It was kind of scaring me for a bit.I was about to ask again but Liam spoke up.


        " We need to know why you and Harry don't like each other." Is this why they really came over to talk about mine and Harry's place on where we stand.  


        " Why it's like it's going to make a difference in any of our lives. Plus it's none of your guys business.I'm sorry but I'm not telling you. Why don't you have Harry here tell you."


        "Annabel have you been of your twitter lately. Many of our fans and yours are starting a twitter fight about you guys." I don't know why Liam is telling me this it doesn't matter any more what he did was old news and I don't care about him either.  


        " I don't care let them say what they want. Matter of a fact tell them Harry." I get closer to him throwing my heels on the floor. " Go tell them! Tell them why you broke up with me and why we don't speak to each other! That we argue for every fucking thing that happens between us!"


         I can see the fear in his eyes. Once they know they are going to be in for a treat. Harry sat up straight and cleared his throat before talking. "Okay so me and Annabel dated for about a year. One day we go to a friends house for a birthday party. We were talking outside just us too and we started arguing about something. Well lets just say I did stuff and said things that ruined our relationship."


        Everyone was into the story but me. I was holding in the tears or trying to anyway but they just came out. Zayn  holding me by the waist some how made me cry more." Go tell them what you told me. Might as well finish the story."  


       " At one point I just couldn't take it so I told her the truth. I told her that when she went on a business trip that I cheated on her. I slept with her best friend/ co worker. She asked me why I did it." His face was as clod as I remember it being when he told me all this that day. " Then I told her that I didn't love her and that i never did. I just used her to get a good image. Even though all I said was I lie I made her believe it was true."  


        Everyone was in shock except for me, I was just glad my sister didn't hear this I told her to go to the room to get ready. I get up too put my shoes on and I see Zayn get up and head out the door. I just sat there putting on my shoes and crying while everyone pities me.  I get up and go to Adrianna's door telling her that we need to leave, not caring about the others in the room. I look at my phone it was an hour till my next meeting but I just want to leave. I go back into the main room to only see Liam and Niall.


      "The others left thought it would be best. I'm sorry for having to bring this situation up again bu-"  


       "Its alright Liam, but I got to go to a meeting right now. So I'll see you guys later. Please make sure they don't do nothing stupid please." He just shakes his head in response.Me and Adrianna make our way to the car. Once we got to building I went into the meeting room just in time. I walked in with Adrianna right behind me. When I look around the room I noticed that Simon was here.  


       " Simon! Hey I haven't seen you in a while." I gave him a hug and took a seat next too him.  


       " I know it's been a while since we seen each other. How's my favorite girl doing." You see mine and Simons relationship is a daughter father one. When I met him the first time we instantly caught on. If I ever needed something he was always there.


       " I'm doing good thank you, oh and I would like you to meet my sister Adrianna. She's going to be living with me now." Adrianna makes our way over here. And Simon just looks at me then at her then back at me.


     " It's nice to meet you Adrianna I'm Simon Cowell. You know you guys don't look nothing like each other." 


       " I guess we don't Annabel always has to look the best but I in the other hand don't care." Adrianna took a seat next to me. Then my manager came in and the meeting started.


       " Okay so I bet you guys have no idea why I called the meeting today. Well I have been looking on the web and there has been this twitter fight about Harry, Zayn and Annabel. I want to know what is going on." Just then on the got the dot the boys walked in. Great another talk about our status. 


       " Sorry we're late we were getting for Zayn." They all sat down across from us.  


        " Okay well now that everyone is here we can now start properly. Can any one tell me what this is about." She and Simon hands everyone a packet of papers. As I read through them it was all the news feed about the twitter fight, our gossip news etc.  


       "Look I talked to the boys about this already and I don't want to bring it up again. So if you can excuse me I have to go to a shoot right now." I got out of my chair hugged Simon good bye and left without even saying a word to the others. We were walking towards the lobby when Zayn caught up to us.


       " Annabel look I'm sorry for bringing it up. Wait what's wrong?" I just stood there crying from all the anger I had and with everything that's going on in my life with my sister, mom, boyfriend and my ex. I gave my sister the keys to car.  


       " what's wrong!! Everything is wrong Zayn I'm tired of all this bull shit. I can't do this I cant put up with all this. I need to go okay, I'll talk to you after my shoot I'm going to be late if I don't go. I'm sorry." I gave him a quick hug and kiss then left to my shoot.


  ~ After the Shoot~


       On the way home with Adrianna it was silence, which never happens considering she's Adrianna. She's been keeping her distance from me and the boys since I chased Niall that day at the house. Or was it because of the phone call from mum. One way or another I'm going to find out. I make a left to go to the mall to buy some clothes since hers aren't the nicest and I'm tired of her wearing mine.


      " Annabel the house is the other way." She points to the opposite side to where we were going.


      " I know but you need clothes and shoes. Maybe we could stop into Victoria Secret I seen your bras and underwear, yeah not cute." I look at her instantly her face turns red.


      " You were looking through my underwear and bras that's like personal!! And I'm perfectly fine with mine clothes plus its like you wear half the clothes in your closet anyway."  


       " I'm just teasing gosh. And so what if I was I'm your sister, don't think just because your little ass self fits in my clothes and shoes means your going to wear it. Now come on let's go." We get out the car and less then a second paparazzi have cameras in our face and shooting out questions. Sometimes I feel like giving them one of my personal Fuck Off speeches. 


  Annabel is it true that you are leaving Zayn for Harry?


        Why did you beat up Harry's date?


         Are you going to the Brits to support  One direction? 


         Who's that is she your sister?  


         Is it true she's dating Niall?


        Annabel's sister heard your going to the Brits with Niall?


        We walk into the mall after all the stupid paparazzi's stupid questions. But the very last one caught my attention. Was my sister really going to the Brits with one of my boy friends band mates. I ignore it and turn to Adrianna who was already looking at some shoes in the display.


        "Do you want them I'll get them for you if you like? Your going to need some shoes any ways." She nodes in reply. We go inside and find her size and pay. But with me I can't just buy one pair of shoes. Lets say once we got out of that store my sister had 4 pairs of rainbows, 2 pairs of toms, 3 pairs of heels (not as high as mine though), and 6pairs of converse. Next we go to Abercrombie and Fitch, holister, Top Shop, Loft, banana republic and forever 21. After buying her clothes we go to Victoria secret for under garments. 


       " Okay so where do you want to start. Underwear Bras perfume, what?"   


       " I really don't care lets just get the stuff and go I'm hungry and tired."


        After all the fighting and yelling we did from choosing the right bras and underwear we left. We put all the things into the car and made our way home. Once we got home I put all the things we bought into her room and started making dinner. While cooking I got a call from ----.  


~Phone conversation~  




      " Guess What!!!" She practically screamed through the phone.  


      " Omg calm down, but what what's up."


      " I'm being transferred to New York, they want me to be on a Fashion Show for their spring collection!!!"  


     " Omg congrats, when do you leave?" I was actually supposed to go to New York but then my sister came over and I just couldn't.  


       " I leave tomorrow morning. I'm sorry I can't say good bye in person but I have to leave early and I have to pack tonight."  


        " No it's fine don't worry but look I got to go I'm making dinner so I'll text you or call you when I can okay."  


       " That's fine talk to you later bye Love you." After I hang up I go back into cooking. I was making pasta, grilled chicken, mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes with gravy and a side salad. I make two plates and call Adrianna to come down and eat. We head into the dining area and eat. 


       " Hey so are you really going with Niall to the Brits?" I say while taking a drink of my wine.   


       "Okay you promise not to freak out?" I shake my head in response." We'll he asked me and I said yes. Please don't freak out."   


       " What I thought I told him not to!Just wait till I see him tomorrow! What the fu- heck why isn't no one listening to me now a days." I get up and pick up our plates. " Just go shower and get ready for bed I'll talk to yo tomorrow"  


       While putting our plates in the dish washer my phone starts to Vibrate. Well ain't I famous today. I check the message and it was one I wouldn't expect.

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