Over Again *On Hold* ;(

One word describes it all " Revenge" or is it......


2. Part of His Past

Catherine's P.O.V


          While Harry goes and get's us a drink I sit in a table alone since the boy's went to dance and stuff. I look at my surroundings and all i see are beautiful models everywhere while I'm just a regular girl who's almost living her dream as a singer. I see a girl go up to Harry they have been talking for a while, Next thing I know I see her coming towards me. I fix my hair and dress.I act as normal as i possibly can.


          " Hi I'm Annabel, is this seat taken?" She asked me as she held her hand out and i shake it in return


          " No it's not you can sit. I'm Catherine by the way it's a pleasure to meet you. Aren't you a V.S model?" I'm so dumb of course she is a girl like that would have to be a model.


          "The pleasure is all mine. And yeah i am a V.S model for 2 years now. So what are you doing here alone." I don't know why but i feel nervous when I talk to her shes just so perfect.. Why cant i be like her...


        " I'm just waiting for Harry. He's actually coming right now." I say while pointing to Harry coming our direction.


         " Sorry Catherine i took so long. Waite why are you here still Annabel don't you have anywhere else to be at." He said coldly. I wounder why.


          " I was just talking to Catherine here Harry gosh. You need to loosen up." She said with a huge smile on her face.


           " Can I ask how do you guys know each other" I asked curiously 


          " Don't worry Harry I got this." She said while looking at him then back at me. " Lets just say I'm part of Harry's past" She looked at me straight in the eye's with a huge smirk on her face. I should of known they dated. She's pretty so it makes sense.


         " Oh" was all I can say


         " But don't worry that was a year ago when we ended what we had. We probably would of lasted longer if it wasn't for-" Harry cut her off. I wish he hadn't I now wanted to know why they called of their relationship.


         " Annabel I think it's best if you go now."  He said looking at her in the eyes


          She stood up, made eye contact with Harry and said " What Harry don't want her to know what happen between us why we broke up. And that you know me inside - out, my weaknesses and strengths. Yeah thought so anyways.. I gotta go and celebrate. Oh and My 20th birthday party is next Saturday. It was two months ago but were celebrating it next week. Hope to see you and The boys there. And of course Catherine as well" She said while giving me and Harry a hug then walking away.


          Me jealous of her..........



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