Over Again *On Hold* ;(

One word describes it all " Revenge" or is it......


5. One out another One in

Harry's P.O.V 


      Me and the boy's just picked up our outfits for Annabel's party later on, I am only excited to go only because Catherine is going but when I called her to see if she was ready for tonight, I found out she was over at Annabel's  I don't know why but I got kind of nervous mad and scared. I was mixed with emotions. All I know is that i'm going to find out what Annabel is up too, When i get to her flat.~Few Minutes Later~ When we go to her flat me and the boy's knocked on the door. Once it open I saw Annabel with a smile on her face but it wasn't for me. I ignored it and just walked inside the house.


        "Where is she Annabel? What have you done with Catherine?!?!?!" I yell as if she has killed her God Forbid. All they boy's were looking at me as if i was crazy.


        " Well hi to you too.Wow what a gentleman you are just walking inside my house. Rude much." She was about to walk away but I grabbed her wrist just in time.


        " Annabel I'm not here to play games? Where is she!?!?!" I was really anxious to know now.


        "Let go of me Harry,"  She pulled out of my grip. " She's up stairs getting ready Gosh calm down would you."


        "How could i calm down when you practically kidnapped my girlf-  date." I caught my self almost saying girlfriend..


        " For your information I was helping her get ready for tonight but don't worry I'll go get her now!!" She rolled her eyes while walking upstairs


        I turned to the boy's who were just standing at the door. They were all looking at me , I don't know what there problem is I was about to ask them when Catherine came down she was in a Porchfirld dress, light wash jean jacket with some light pink heals that match her purse. I was going to tell her she look stunning but she won me. 


       " Hey Harry, Hi boy's why did you come over. I thought we were going to meet at Annabel's party." She said while hugging me.


        " Well I thought -ugh- I really can't explain , really." I said awkwardly " But if you want we can go to my flat and i'll get ready then head to dinner just us two before the party." 


        " Oh okay, well then I guess." She turns to Annabel. " Hey thanks for buying me the clothes I owe you big time."


        " No problem it's fine really," She said while hugging good-bye "See you at the party."


        I started walking out with the boy's and Catherine but then I noticed that Zayn was missing. I turn around to see that he was talking to Annabel. I go to get him and noticed them laughing together. Weird?


        " Hey Zayn were leaving, Lets go."  I commanded but he just shook his head 


        " No, I'm gonna get ready here, just got to get my clothes outta the car." he said it while looking at me then walked out the door. Annabel has something to do with this she always does even though she helped Catherine.


         " What do you mean no?" I ask with a question face.


        " I mean i'm getting ready here then heading to the party with Annabel." He said it as if i was stupid


        "I understand that but why?"


        " Because I am Harry gosh!!" he walked inside Annabel's flat and closed the door. What's going on with him......



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