Over Again *On Hold* ;(

One word describes it all " Revenge" or is it......


7. New plans

Annabel's P.O.V

        I walk back into the club to enjoy the rest of the night. I walk to the bar to get a drink and sit next to Amber. She wasn't drinking as much though.Just a little tipsy but still having a great time.


       " Hey Annabel. How's your party so far. Having a good time?" She yelled over the loud music that started blasting the room louder.


        " It's good me and Zayn are now dating. Oh and I fucked up Harry's date Catherine yeah she asked for it and she got it." I laugh at the moment running through my head again


        " What did you break" She took a sip of her drink then looked back at me. She knows me too well don't leave a fight till I break something.


        " Nothing much really just her arm, that's what Niall text me at least. And gave her a busted lip and nose bleed not much. She ruined my dress though.I'll see you later i'm going to find something to wear I have a spare in the back.Bye." I hugged her and went to change into a new dress.I walk back into the scene and I bump into someone.I look up and its Zayn.


        " Hey Zayn.." I look at him then at the ground. I know him he didn't like what I did but it happened.


        " Hey babe, I see you changed."He said eyeing me up and down.I just nod my head looking around the room." Annabel whats wrong? Is it about what happened with Catherine."I pulled him into the back where it's quieter.

        "Nothing besides you being mad at me for beating up Catherine and breaking her arm."


        " I'm not mad at you I think she deserved it after all she said. I cant be mad at you for standing up for yourself." He pulled me in for a hug and the kissed my forehead. " Come on let's go enjoy the rest of the night while we can"


•Skip rest of party•


        The boys decided to sleep over at my flat since it was too late for then to drive to theirs. Harry stayed over at Catherine's to watch her and make sure shes fine.This isn't the first time the boys sleep over here,well Harry never has but the rest have.They all made their way to the rooms they usually sleep in. Zayn was about to go into his usual but I grabbed his wrist before he could.


        " Your really gonna make me sleep alone tonight or would you rather sleep with Louis." I gave him a cheeky smile waiting for a reply.He just laughed and headed to my room still holding my hand.


• Morning•


        I woke up to find Zayn missing. I look at my night stand to check the time on my phone. 8:06, Great I got work at 12. I go down stairs to make breakfast and I see red roses on my counter with a note it read:

Dear Annabel,
        Sorry I couldn't be there to see you beautiful face in the morning but the boys and I had to go to the studio. I'll make it up to you tonight wear something Fancy
                        Zayn Xxx

        I laugh at the note then make my way to the kitchen to eat some cereal. After I was done I go up stairs to shower and get ready. I change into a  black jumper, light wash jeans, really high heels,my bag and sunglasses .I was doing my hair and make up when I hear my phone ring.I look at the caller ID it was someone unexpected.

        "Hello is this Annabel" She sounded nervous when she said my name.

       " Yeah it is. Adriana what happen are you okay. I miss you" Out of all my family she's the only one that I kept contact with. Her and they boys well except Harry are the ones that bring out the old me.


        " Nothings wrong except that mom and dad are moving to the states and I don't want to move with them or with Alex (Our brother) so I was hoping I can live with with you till I graduate."


        " Of course yeah, you can come right now I'll pick you up.Just send me the address to where and i'll be there after I call work to cancel."


        "Its fine I'll take a cab to your place. Go to work its fine." I knew she didn't want me to go. I missed so much of her life that I need to make it up to her.


        " Okay I'll wait for you here but i'm not going to work okay."


        "Okay I will see you in a bit. Bye." she hung up before I can answer.Finally I have my sister back in my life as well as me being in hers.

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