Over Again *On Hold* ;(

One word describes it all " Revenge" or is it......


1. Meeting old "friends"....Again

Annabel's P.O.V


          Hey I'm Annabel. I'm 20 years old and I model. I'm the type of girl that lives they way she wants with out anyone telling me what to do. I don't take crap from anyone. People say I have very high confidence and easily get along with people. That I put them under a charm or something. I also have my ways of getting what I want when I want, no matter what it takes.


        " Annabel are you ready? Get down here." Yelled my best friend Amber, who also works with me . I guess there's a party tonight to celebrate the new line of Victoria Secret purfume and all the models must be there.


        'Yeah just let me grab my purse!" I yelled coming down the stairs and into the living room to find Amber sitting down on the couch in a pretty tight black long sleeve dress that is mid thigh length with red pumps, her hair was straight all the way down to her waist and her make-up making her grey eyes stand out. " Okay let's go."


        " Finally You took forever but you look really good." I was wearing a white dress with nude pumps. My hair was wavy all the way down to my waist as well, with my make-up that looked natural. I was ready to go


       "Thanks now lets go before were late." I locked my door and headed to my Range Rover.




       Once we got to the party we went over to the bar to get Amber a drink. I wasn't in the mood to drink tonight, Plus someones got's to drive us home tonight. I turn around and I see the guy I haven't saw in the longest. He was with a group of people but then i saw him make going to a table with a girl. I'm guessing its his date, I think it's about time I say hi to him.


        " Hey I'm going to go say hi to a friend Amber, I'll see you later." While I leave without letting her respond, I see him make his way to the bar. I walk over there causally. "Well if it isn't Harry Styles."


Harry's P.O.V


       We got invited to go to the Victoria Secret Party. i thought it will be a good chance for everyone to know Catherine better. We've been hanging out every now and then. She is a really nice girl and seems to get along with the boys as well.


       " Catherine would you like something to drink?" I asked her 


        " Yeah, sure can I have a wine Please." She said shyly.


        "Yeah, I'll be right back." i tell her then while I was walking over to the bar leaving Catherine alone I see someone I thought I wouldn't see again. 


        " Can I get two glasses of wine Please." i tell the bartender.


        " Well if it isn't Harry Styles." I hear a familiar voice say as I turn around I see Annabel, looking as lovely as usual...but I don't care I'm over her now...


* Annabel's P.O.V


        "Oh Hey Annabel." He says with no emotion 


        " Aren't you glad to see me Harry or Are you too busy to talk to me. Maybe another time we can talk I see your busy and it's not a good time." I say pointing to his date.


        " What are you talking about?" He said giving me a confusing look.


        " Oh nevermind don't worry Harry, Now if you excuse me i'm going to go keep company if you don't mind. I say walking towards his date. I think she and I will be....the best of friends tonight. If things go right..... 

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