Over Again *On Hold* ;(

One word describes it all " Revenge" or is it......


4. Coming Over

Catherine's P.O.V


        I was at the Top Shop with my older brother Max and thought I could use a new dress for Annabel's party. While I was looking at the dresses I see Annabel walking around the store, I turn around for 1 minute then look back she was coming my way.


       " Hey Catherine.  What are you doing here, well besides shopping?" She asked. I had a feeling she really didn't care.


        "Oh, I just came to buy an outfit for tonight." I say while looking around awkwardly. I see Max coming up to us with things in his hands.


        "Hey Catherine I found this wha- Oh sorry hi i'm Max Catherine's brother nice too meet you." He said shaking her hand while drooling over her as well. Boys...........


         "I'm Annabel " She simply said while turning back to me. " Oh so your coming tonight to my party right. You have to be there and your brother can come too."


        "Yeah I'm going tonight. I'm meeting Harry there." I said while looking at her then to Max. " But he cant come he's grounded."


        " Really and why is that?" It's like she put's people under a spell with her smile it's intimidating.


         " Crashed my dads new car. When he told me not to drive it but i did it anyways." He said shrugging his shoulders. " Hey so you getting this."  


         I look at the prices its way out of my budget. The dress was 500 the shoes were one 150 etc. Its cute but not cute enough.


         " No!!!!, Its going to cost me like a thousand" I say practically yelling. He was about to say something but Annabel cut him off.


         " Oh it's okay don't worry i'll pay for it it's the least i can do , plus you can get ready at my house too. i won't tale no for an answer now come one."  I have a really bad feeling about this why is she being so nice....


         We pay for the things it turned out to be thousand five hundred. Anyways , I got to my car and followed Annabel to her house. I met her friend her friend  Amber she seems really nice from what I seen right now. When we got to her house after dropping off Max, I was in shock her home was huge. We go up to her room to get ready and i get a call from Harry..


         " Hey Harry" 


        "Hey love, What are you doing? Are you ready for tonight?" He said Happily


        "Um yeah i'm about to get ready. I'm at Annabel's flat- " I got cut off by him practically yelling


         " Annabel's flat!!! I'm coming over!!!" He hung up before I could respond. 


        Just great he's coming over but why? Should I be worried he's coming?  

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