Big Mistake

Roselyn is a pretty smart funny girl but the werid thing is she doesn't know who One Direction Is! Her day started off bad and then she accidentally runs into Harry. Is it a mistake or is it ment to be love at first sight? At least one of them thinks so. But Roselyn Meets all the guys and falls in love with which one? Read more to find out!


2. Talking

Roselyn's PROV.

"What?" He asked confused. "I'm the girl you just knocked down." I said a little mad. He chuckled a little and smiled so big he had cute demples- wait stop Rose you can't fall for someone that just knocked you down and broke your phone and chances are you will never see him again so problem solved.

"Can I have your name please?" He asked nervously.

"Roselyn Brooks, people call me rose for short." I said calming down a little bit. Harry dazed at me for a minute.

"Your really beautiful." He stated. I blushed a little and then remembered what happened so I rolled my eyes and walked towards my seat were all my luggage was. Then the intercom came on,

"You may aboard the plane to London." The lady said. I grabbed my luggage and walked towards the gate.


Harry's PROV.

I called her beautiful and she rolled her eyes and walked to what I am guessing is her luggage and then walked to the gate to go to London. Little does she know I'm going to London to and I feel like its love at first sight, well for me any way. The way her green eyes sparkle the way her hair flowed- I don't even know her and I'm falling for her. I hope I get to talk to her on the plane ride because if I don't, then I will never get to see her again. I got my luggage and walked towards the gate.

(Sorry short chapter)

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