Big Mistake

Roselyn is a pretty smart funny girl but the werid thing is she doesn't know who One Direction Is! Her day started off bad and then she accidentally runs into Harry. Is it a mistake or is it ment to be love at first sight? At least one of them thinks so. But Roselyn Meets all the guys and falls in love with which one? Read more to find out!


1. Knock down girl

Roselyn's PROV.

  "Bye sweetie, love you!" My mother shouted. "Whatever." I mumbled  under my breath, thank god she didn't here me. "What did you say honey?" She asked. "I said I love you too!" I shouted as I slammed the car door shut. She blew me a kiss through the window and sped off. Gosh, my mom made me so mad right now, she makes me go and stay with my dad in London which I'm only 17 and I'm turning 18 next month. My mom is sending me here so I can spend "quality time" with my dad before I become an adult (which really I think she wants to spend a month alone with her new boyfriend, she hasn't told him about me yet,sad) and I bet she can't wait till I get out off the house. And my dad on the other hand I haven't spoken to in years! Except last month when he sent me an iPhone 4S and told me to call him for emergencies but he said not to even leave a crack in it or he would be pissed. And it's not that I don't want to go stay with my dad because believe me I do, it's just that I can't believe my mom would do this to me.


I'm sitting in a chair right across from the gate to the plane. Also I'm really mad about my mom. I still had a good 45 minutes before my flight leaves so I decided to go and check what I looked like in the mirror. I walk to the bathroom and its actually not that crowed only 3 or 4 girls were in there and there weren't very many people in the airport today. I walked up to a full-body mirror and looked at myself, I'm wearing a knee short orange dress with a white bow wrapped around the underneath of my chest area. The dress is a v-neck and a speggettie strapped. My hair is brown and straightened Down to the middle of my breast and pulled back with a black head-band. After I finish examining myself I washed my hands then I got a text from my dad "R u on the plane yet pumpkin? -Daddy" I texted him back and said "No, not for another 20 minutes.:) -Rose" I pressed send and walked out of the bathroom with my phone still in my hand. I'm on my way back to my seat when some one knocks me down sending my phone flying and me hitting the ground. I clench my eyes at the pain I hit my back really hard. I finally opened my eyes within a second and a cute brown curly haired boy is on top of me and my phone is two feet away with the screen shattered. " Get Off of me!" I shouted realizing he was still on top of me. "Oops! Sorry!" He said getting up and reaching for my hand to help me up. I picked myself up and clenched my eyes in pain from the hit. I gave the boy a death glare and picked up my phone. "Oh No! My dads going to kill me!" I shouted. " I'm really sorry I could pay to get that fixed!" He exclaimed. "No thanks you have done enough." I said walking away. "Wait!" He shouted grabbing my arm "My name is Harry, Harry Styles." He said holding his hand out. " and I'm the knock down girl." I said glaring at him.

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