Big Mistake

Roselyn is a pretty smart funny girl but the werid thing is she doesn't know who One Direction Is! Her day started off bad and then she accidentally runs into Harry. Is it a mistake or is it ment to be love at first sight? At least one of them thinks so. But Roselyn Meets all the guys and falls in love with which one? Read more to find out!


8. How We Met

Rose's POV.

Instead of really going to the bathroom I just went back up the stairs into my room and sat on my bed for a moment I walked over to my window and opened it. I felt May's spring air. I looked out my window and saw a limo pull up, and then another pull up who else was coming? I decided to go down stairs and find out, and why he is in a good mood I will tell him about my phone. I walk down stairs and the first person I saw was my dad, I had my phone in my hand. He was in a conversation with someone that I couldn't see because of a wall, but I really just want to tell my dad now then later.

"Daddy." I said walking towards him with my phone in my hands and then realizing who he was talking to. I blushed a little. 

"Yes Pumpkin?" He questioned.

"Uhh, Well... someone ran into me and made me drop my phone and.... Well.... See for your self." I said handing him my phone.

"Oh dear lord," He said. "Do you promise that it wasn't you?" 

"Yes, dad." I said. I looked at the boy and and realized that three others were standing by him.

"I'll get it fixed." He smiled.

"Thanks dad." I said kissing his cheek.

"Oh, Rose I want you to meet All Star Weekend. This is Cameron, Zach, Michael,and Nathan." He said. I shook all there hands and Cameron was the cute guy I noticed.

"Is this who you and Simon were talking about?" I asked. 

"Well.... Not exactly Simon is talking to his Boys out side at the moment and these are my boys." He said.

"Oh okay." I said. My dads phone rang,

"Excuse me I got to take this, it's your mother Rose."he said. I groaned.

"Tell her Im not here, see what she does she probrably  never cared about me anyway." My dad said.

"Pumpkin don't think that way, your mother love you." He said quickly and answered the call.

"Whatever." I mumbled as he walked away.

"Heard that!" He shouted glancing back at me. I turned and looked at the guys who were staring at me. Zach, Michael, and Nathan went into a conversation and Cameron turned to talk to me.

"Hi," He started. "Want to walk around and talk?" He asked. 


"Yeah sure why not?" I said.  We started to walk around the dinning room and into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and saw blueberry's. I took them out sat on the marble stone counter. Cameron stood in front of me.

"So what do you want to talk about?" I asked. 

"Well I want to talk about you and get to know you." He smiled. 

"We'll I'm 17 turning 18 June 2, which is a week from now. My Favorite color is orange and my parents are divorced, my own mother doesn't even love me and sent me here and I'm kind of glad she did and other than that there is not much to tell." I said with a smile.

"So your  almost 18?" He asked. 

"Yupp." I said "How old are you?"

"Im 19." He replied. I held the blueberry's up,

"Want some?" I asked.


"No thanks." He said coming and standing by me (well my legs because I'm sitting on the counter). And Just then One direction walked into the kitchen which included Harry.

"Rose?" He said looking surprised. He walked over to me.

"Harry!"  I shouted. Jumping off the counter and into his arms. I'm so glad to see him I thought I would never see him again. I mean- no...... Wait could I have feelings for Harry? I know how awkward this may be for Harry but I don't care I just really wanted to hug him. I finally let go of him.


Harry's POV

"Sorry." She said letting go of me. I really wish she wouldn't of and this may be one of the guys from All Star Weekend. Did he get to her before I did? I sure hope not. 

"Harry this is Cameron." Rose's sweet voice said.

"Ello." I said shaking his hand. Then the rest of the guys form All star weekend came in. Followed by Simon and the man who is hosting the Dinner party who could put us at the top. 


Rose's POV

"Pumpkin, come here." My dad said.

"Yes daddy." I said walking towards him. I quickly put the blueberry's  up.  

"It's Time for dinner everyone!" He annouced. "Rose will you sit by me please?" 

"Yes I would love to daddy." I said proudly looking at Harry. His jaw dropped.

Harry mouthed "He is your Father?" I shook my head yes. His jaw dropped and one of the boys came and shut it for him. I giggled a little as we all walked in to the dinning room we all filled the long rectangular  table. My dad at one end and Simon at the other. I sat by my dad and then Harry  and three more of the 1D boys on my side and then the all star weekend boys on the other but one of the boys in 1D sat at the end.


Dinner is over it was lovely. Everyone is leaving and as I greeted Harry to leave he whispered in my ear "Call Me" and handed me a peace of paper with his number in it. I nodded my head and he left. Then Cameron did the same but he gave me a kiss on the cheek. 

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