Big Mistake

Roselyn is a pretty smart funny girl but the werid thing is she doesn't know who One Direction Is! Her day started off bad and then she accidentally runs into Harry. Is it a mistake or is it ment to be love at first sight? At least one of them thinks so. But Roselyn Meets all the guys and falls in love with which one? Read more to find out!


5. Home Sweet Home

Rose's POV

An hour ago:

I was going threw a magazine that a flight attendant dropped off for me. I looked at it and saw that Harry and four other handsome guys he is a part of a band called one direction. I read more about him and about the band and they are the biggest boy and in the world. I guess I haven't noticed them because I'm to into school and stuff like that so I didn't have time to listen to any new bands. This also made me relize that me and Harry could never work. But we're just friends anyway.


Harry leant in and kissed me! The kiss went on for three more seconds and then we got interrupted by the innercom:

"Please put your seatbelts on we are landing now." The lady said. I put my seatbelt on and sat back. One of my hands were over my mouth and the othe was clutching the arm rest.

"Will you be mine?" He asked.

"Harry I ...I ....I'm sorry, I can't." I said.

"Can't, why not?" He asked.

"I'm sorry Harry I really am but I can't date you. I know that you are apart of a band called one direction and that you and the band mates have millions of screaming fans and other girls who would die just to date you, I'm sorry but I'm just not the girl of your dreams. Also I couldn't do long distant relationships." I said sadly. And just then the plane landed and people were grabbing there things and going. I didn't want to stay and chat so I grabbed a pen and wrote my number on his hand and grabbed my luggage and quickly got off the plane.


I got out of the cab and walked up to my dads house.

"Here goes nothing." I said and rang the door bell. Within a couple seconds a very tall (about 5'11), fit, and dark brown hair with dark eyes appeared at the door.

"Dad?" I asked looking at him. The man chuckled and shook his head no.

"No. Your father is in his office my name is Paul." He held his hand out for me to shake it, and I did so.

"Your father is very busy at the moment do he wanted me to show you your room while he finishes doing something for me." He said grabbing my luggage and taking it with him, he led me to a room and put the stuff in the room.

"Any questions miss?" He asked.

"Umm, yes what does my father do for his job?" I asked.

"Your father is a music producer and right now he is in his office with my boss and discussing his clients work and your father wanted me to mention to you that you need to get ready for tonight because his clients are coming over for dinner." He said.

"Okay thank you." I said and he walked out the door.I left my stuff were it is and plopped myself on the bed.

"Home sweet Home!" I shouted.


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