Carry On

Katie is a normal freshman. She lives and looks up to those Seniors. But when she get tangled up with the seniors and it starts ripping her life apart, who is there left to turn to?


1. Introduction

(Author's note: first of all thanks for reading :3 secondly, please, bear with me. I think I will be able to write about 2 chapters a week.... And I proofread all stuff :3 thirdly, and finally, it might not follow the summary plot line perfectly, but hey, that's the magic of writing!!!)


Katie Hoss, aka the nobody freshman, going to Wilson High. My best friends are Beth and Samantha. We're all freshmen. We're all what you would call 'popular' in our grade. But I have to admit - I'm an overachiever. Yes, so many of the Freshmen boys have asked me out at the beginning of the year, even some sophomores, but I'm really interested in the senior and junior classes. I mean, serious, there's where all the hot boy are!


Samantha Grenge. She's been there for me since grade school ad beyond. She knows everything there is to know about me. She's hilarious, I love her to death. She's super pretty, with long, straight brunette hair and hazel eyes. But don't be fooled, she's got a devilish additive. She really isn't as interested in the upperclassmen boys as I was, though.


Beth Ruth. Sometimes we call her 'Babe' because of her shyness, and because of her tomboyishness. Yeah, she's super pretty; she's got natural bleach blonde hair and piercing green eyes, but she can go from makeup to mud in two seconds flat. She's amazing. If there's anyone who can change a stressful moment into a funny joke, it's her. She lives out in the country on a farm with her five brothers, her mom and stepdad, and her many animals; including horses, cows, chickens, goats, pigs, and so on. But she'll fool you. She's not a country talker or anything in that sort. She's really city, from living with her dad in New York until he died and she moved in with her mom.


Me, Babe, and Sam all met in fourth grade. I can just remember that day. It was Babe's first day here and she was being super shy. At recess, all the immature little boys were making fun of her hair, so Sam and I miraculously had the same plan. We both stepped over and dropped handfuls of rocks down the boys pants. We all have been best friends since that day. 


There was one senior boy I particularly liked; Sampson Walson. He was the football quarterback and - I admit - he was extremely sexy. He had shown off his amazing V-line and six pack to almost all the girls in the school, even the new freshmen girls, already. I knew I stood no chance with him though; he has a girlfriend and a line of girls waiting to have that title.  

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