Carry On

Katie is a normal freshman. She lives and looks up to those Seniors. But when she get tangled up with the seniors and it starts ripping her life apart, who is there left to turn to?


2. I Hate Science.

I had an okay sceduale. I had a friend in almost all my classes, except for one. Science. My worst subject. I had two ex-boyfriends in that class to top it off and some of the most attractive senior boys. I was placed next to one of the seniors, but not one of the exceptionally handsome ones. Casey Verbane. He was really nice, and really tall. He stood six foot seven. He was not a failing student, just had the same problem as me; he sucked at science. It was his worst subject too, so I was glad I wasn't the only one. 


I shared a lunch period with Sophomores and Seniors. Babe shared her lunch time with me, but Sam got caught in the other lunch time, containing half the freshman class, all the junior class and half the sophomore class. Babe wasn't really into boys, as Sam wasn't, so she wasn't going to be a big help in hooking up with the seniors.


Every year at our school there was a thing call Newbie-Oldies meet and greet. It was when 30 random freshmen boys and girl were selected to have a meet and greet with a group of the most popular seniors, boys and girls. It was really cool, in my opinions, because usually by rhe end of the meeting some freshman and senior end up hooking up together. Hopefully I get picked to go to the meet and greet. The only problem was you had to be nominated by a teacher, and usually teachers only nominated students who they had had their older siblings and had enjoyed them. Like one of the smartest (and most gorgeous) girls in our grade, Paige Jackson, was for sure to be nominated because her three older sisters has gone here and all three of they were nominated 'Most Likely to Suceed' the yer they graduated.

Paige is nice and all, don't get me wrong, she's smart and amazing, but she's what you'd call a player. 


I have science first period, me and Casey sit by eachother and we do our morning meet and greet together. I was starting to look at Casey as a cool new guy friend; I never really thought of him as attractive or anything, mainly because he, well, he wasn't very popular. Not like me. Anyways, they were to announce the winning freshmen to go to the Meet and Greet. I was surprisingly enough, called. Me and Sam, Babe wasn't though. Maybe that was for the best because of how shy she was.


The meet and greet was to take place at 8:30 sharp. We managed to start at 9:15 after the seniors stopped being so picky and rude to the freshmen. Three attractive boys were there. I only got one's name; but I also got his number, and an invite to hang out with him this weekend. 





***Author's note: I won't be doing this every chapter, I promise. I'm actually excited about where this is going. Are you enjoying it? Where do you want to see it go? Comment below thanks!!! <33333***




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