Cancer Island

Just a little something I made up in my head when I was playing pretend a few years ago. I decided to write it.

Rated 12+ for action violence, breif language, and mild kissing


1. The Unknown Uncle



What's this?

     My family use to be normal when my dad was alive, but now, they were all totally nuts. I made this conclusion one Spring afternoon. My mom came into my room and forced me to get into the car. She obviously didn't here me yelling "WHY?" over and over again in my loud voice. She never seemed to hear me anymore...

     We pulled into a smal parking lot outside of an old white building that looked like an old office. It had cracks in the bricks that held it together and the sidewalk around it had old gum and stains on it.

     "Mom," I sighed, "Can you please tell me why we are at this old shabby buildng?" I said the last few words with a whiney tone in my voice.

     "We're here to see your Uncle Shane" she said quickly, giving me no further information.

     I looked at her began to walk slower. "I have an uncle?" I asked, "I thought Aunt Kim never got married?"

     "This is my brother. You've met him before at your baby baptizing. Remember?" she said with a small smile on her face as she stepped up on to the sidewalk next to the building.

     "I was one year old when I was baptized, Mom," I said in a crabby voice, "How the heck am I suppose to remember a man from when I was a baby?"

     Mom didn't reply. She opened the door of the office and stepped inside. I followed her. I realized it was a small doctor's office. Mom and I walked down a hall was to a desk where a man with dark grey hair was sitting, gazing at the wall in front of him.

     "Sis!" he yelled when he saw my mom. Then his eyes looked down to me, "And Bella! I haven't seen you in 13 years, Hun!"

     I looked at my mom who looked anxious and ready to do something that I didn'y know about. I was annoyed of waiting in supense. "MOM!" I insisted loudly, "Why after 13 years, are we suddenly visiting this uncle? What do I not know?"

     My mom looked over to her brother. "Is it true?" she asked.

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