The love games.

Samantha Newman really likes One Direction. She loves to listen to their music. But when she gets into a terrible accident she forgets everything about her life. When she runs into a handsome young man she begings to think about him non stop. But what will happen when she meets his 4 best mates? Will they like her? Will she like them? More importantly, Will she fall for his best mate?


2. Waking up.

My head was throbbing with pain as I began to stir. "Sammy? Baby?" Someone said softly. Who was that? I opened my eyes to be greeted by a really bright light, and quickly shut them again. I'd rather stay in my darkness. "Sammy open your eyes baby." That same gentle voice cooed. I slowly opened my eyes to find an older woman peering down at me. Who was she? She sighed with happiness and quickly embraced me in a hug. I gave her a puzzled look when she let go. "W-who are you?" I stuttered. "Sam it's me? It's your mum. I racked my brain over and over again, but she didnt look familiar at all. I slowly looked away and skimmed the now dimmly lit room. "Where am I?" I questioned, as I saw a older man (about the same age as the woman) sleeping in the arm chair. "Were at the hospital. You got into a traffic collision. You have been in a coma for about 2 weeks." She stated carefully. "What happened?" I asked couriously looking up at her. "Well..." She said softly sitting lightly at the edge of the bed. "You were driving and your friend Jamie was with you. There was a semi-driver who ran a stop sign... And he couldnt stop. He crashed into your car on the passengers side. You were pinned between your door, and the semi, and metal had gone into your head and hit your brain." She said choking on the last couple words. I brought my hand up to my head and felt gauze wrapped all the way around. A tear spilled out of my eye. "What happened to the other girl?" I asked sadly. I already know the answer though... "She was killed on impact..." She sniffled. I felt bad that I didnt remember this person at all. Was she a close friend? Was she someone I didnt really like? It was a complete mystery to me. The woman got up and told me she was going to get the doctor to tell him I had woken up. I sat in bed racking my brain over and over again. I dont remember anything! Nothing at all.


The doctor came in and explained to me what was going on. It turns out I have long turn memory loss. Thats the reason I can't remember anything. He said everything up until two weeks ago was gone and I probably would never get it back. I nodded as this sank in. He patted my leg and said the would get me out of here by tomorrow. Where would I be going? Oh right. The woman who said she was my mom. The man had been I guess my dad? I was looking out the window trying to think of anything. But of course it was a failed attempt. "You might want to go home tonight and take posters or picture out of her room. With cases like hers they would probably overwhelm her. You can try to get her to remember by maybe showing her a photo album or something, But I dont think it would do much good" The doctor said. The woman nodded sadly and the man wrapped his arm around her shoulder. The doctor said a nurse would be in here shortly to look me over and make sure I was recovering well.

------Next day------

Today I get to return to Steve and Jill's house. Thats what they told me their names were. Since I had no memory of these  people it didnt feel right to call them mum and dad. I've only been awake for a while but I am more than ready to leave the hospital.

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