The love games.

Samantha Newman really likes One Direction. She loves to listen to their music. But when she gets into a terrible accident she forgets everything about her life. When she runs into a handsome young man she begings to think about him non stop. But what will happen when she meets his 4 best mates? Will they like her? Will she like them? More importantly, Will she fall for his best mate?


5. Starting school.

I had been home for several weeks now. School was starting tomorrow and I was really nervous. We had spent the past weeks going over some basic stuff and then harder stuff. As it turned out, I was a fast learner and did pretty well. I was still nervous and I was starting my senior year. I didn't know anyone so its gonna be really hard. Oh, except for Harry. I had told Jill about him the next day and she was happy. I have been talking to him a lot lately and he agreed to show me around the school. Every time I talk to him I get crazy massive butterflies. How can someone I just met already mean so much? It was already 9:50 so I decided I would pick out my clothes for tomorrow and head to bed. I had just picked out a floral tank top, some jean shorts and some cute flip flops. I was brushing my teeth when my phone went off.

It read "I'll pick you up at you're house tomorrow morning. We can take my car, it will be faster. Xx"

I smiled at the thought of being with Harry again. I quickly responded. "Sounds good. I'm so nervous!"

a few seconds later my phone went off again. "It will be okay. Just get a good nights sleep. Goodnight beautiful.Xx"

I smiled and locked my phone. He was so sweet and caring I cant believe I met him. I quickly rinsed my mouth out and hopped into bed.

I woke up to the sound of an annoying beeping. I looked around and spotted an alarm clock. I trudged over to it and turned it off. I yawned and went into the bathroom. I knew that Steve and Jill were gone because they have to leave by six to get to work on time. I blared my music and hopped into the shower. Once I was done, I sprayed on a little perfume and got dressed. I looked in the mirror. I looked alright. I would probably look better if it wasn't for the scar that had formed on my collar bone. I sighed and let my hair fall naturally. It wasn't long until Harry knocked on my door. I kissed Jo-Jo's nose goodbye and headed outside. Harry wrapped me in a big hug and walked me down to his car opening the door. What a gentleman. I smiled and said a quick thanks. He went to his side and got in. "Ready?" He asked looking over at me. I swallowed the lump in my throat and nodded. He started the car and we were on our way.

A few minutes later I found myself breathing heavily. It wasn't because I was nervous though. Im not sure what it was, But the car kinda scared me. After a while we pulled into a parking lot and just sat there looking at the school. Harry looked over at me and took my hand in his. "It's gonna be okay love." He smiled. I looked at him. "I dont know Harry.." I said quietly. He leaned over and kissed my cheek softly. "For good luck." He murmured. I nodded as my hearts did flips. He got out and walked over to my door to open it for me. He held out his hand and I gladly took it. We walked up to the front gate together before Harry asked to see my schedule. I quickly handed it to him hopping we might have some classes together. "Damn. No classes." He said under his breath. Damn.... Suddenly we both heard a yell. "HAZZA!!!!!" The voice yelled. We both turned around to see a cute guy running over to us. He had brown hair that stopped at his eye brows. He was wearing some red skinny jeans, and A black and white stripped shirt. I dont know how, but he really pulled it off. "BOOBEAR!" Harry yelled as the boy wrapped his arms around him. He quickly turned to me and looked me dead in the eye. "What are you doing with my Haz-" He stopped abruptly and his eyes went wide. His eyes were a striking blue eyes. I got lost in them easily. I quickly snapped out of it and turned to Harry for help. "I'm sorry." Harry said. "He can be a bit sassy sometimes." He chuckled. "This is Louis. Louis, Sam." He introduced us. "Hi."I waved shyly. He on the other hand just continued to stare. Was there something wrong with me?

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