The love games.

Samantha Newman really likes One Direction. She loves to listen to their music. But when she gets into a terrible accident she forgets everything about her life. When she runs into a handsome young man she begings to think about him non stop. But what will happen when she meets his 4 best mates? Will they like her? Will she like them? More importantly, Will she fall for his best mate?


3. Starting over.

I sat in side Steve and Jill's car. It was a nice car, they had told me it was an escalade. It was a nice white color and had leather seats. It smelled like cherrys. It was a very nice ride back to their home. We had finally arrived and I carefully got out. As my feet touched the ground a cold breeze. I shivered a little and looked up at the house. It was a two story house with white paint and a wrap around porch. The shutters were a striking blue in comparison to the house. It looked nice though. The front yard had flowers everywhere. It was very pretty. Jill came over to me and rubbed her hand down my back. "Would you like to go inside?" She asked. I nodded and we started for the house. Steve opened the door for Jill and I and we walked in quietly. We took our shoes off at the door and walked up the steps "We just purchesed the house."Jill smiled. I nodded and looked around the living room. There was two sectional couches and they looked very comfortable. There was also a big dark grey arm chair inbetween the couches. There was a pretty floral rug in the center. And on the wall hung a massive flat screen t.v. I looked back at Steve and Jill and they just smiled."It's very nice." I say softly. "Would you like to see your room?"Jill asked me. I nodded and she smiled pointing out the different rooms as we walked by. Their room was directly across from mine. I slowly turned the door know and pushed the door open. I was bombarded with barking as soon as the door started to open. I jumped back with a scream and Steve yelled. "JO-JO! Pipe down!" He said and the barking stopped. Jill was at my side and was rubbing circles on my back cooing in my ear telling me everything was ok. I nodded and Steve went into the room and came out with a small dog in his arms. It had a white and grey coat and its eyes were bright blue. "This is Jo-Jo. She's a husky." Hs smiled. "You always wanted one. So your mum and I got you a baby." He smiled. I stuck my hand out to the dog. Its tail started wagging immediently and licked my hand. I smiled and petted Jo-Jo softly.

We entered my room and It was a nice lilac color. There was only simple furniture like a big bed, a dresser, and a vanity mirror. I walked around a little. It was a very big room and I noticed there was a bathroom connected to my room. I also saw another door, and I wasnt sure where it led to. I opened it and found that it was a massive walk-in closet filled with colorful clothing. I smiled a little and went back to Steve and Jill. "Do you like it?" They asked with a smile. "I do." I smiled back. "Im sorry we have to leave so soon, but we have to return to work." Jill said. She handed me a cell phone. "Now it only has you dads and my number in it right now but i'm sure once things get sittuated you wont have a problem getting more. You were quite popular." She said with a wink. And I smiled. "The town is not to far away, so if you need anything you can just walk down there. Its just two rights and a left." Steve smiled handing me some money. They both kissed my cheek and were off to work. I sat in my room with Jo-Jo petting her softly. She was sleeping happily snorring. I got bored rather quickly so I decided I would walk into town. I decided to grab a leather jacket and left the house.

It was rather nice out, just a tad windy. I walked two rights and a left just as Steve had said and he was right. I got to town with no problem. I looked around the small shops and bakeries. It was very nice. After walking for a little while I found a starbucks. It smelled delicious. My stomach soon started growling. I decided to go inside and get something to eat. It was busy, but not to busy as to where you couldn't even walk. I waited in line looking over the menu. "Nice day isn't it?" Said a husky voice behind me. I turned around with a puzzled look in my face. I was met by a pair of bright green eyes, and very curly brown hair. "Uhh, yeah." I nodded and turned forward to look at the menu again. I decided to order a carmal cappichino and a blueberry muffin. I kept getting this weird feeling that the guy behind me was watching me. Weird.. I finally got to the front of the line and gave the girl my order and my name. I quickly moved to the side so others could order. My order came quickly. I thanked the girl and took a seat by the window. Everything looked so simple and peaceful. I liked it. "Mind if I sit down?" A fimilar husky voice said. "Uhm, Sure." I said before taking a small bite of my muffin. It was very good. "What's your name?" The guy asked sitting down. I thought and it came back to me. "Samantha." I stated. "I'm Harry." He said extending his hand. I looked at his hand and wondered what he was doing. He looked at me puzzled and slowly retracted his hand. "Im sorry" I said. He looked at me as if to say go on. "Well uhm.. I was in an accident a couple weeks ago, and I just got released today. The doctor said I lost my long term memory." I said quietly. His eyes were full of sympathy as if he had thought something bad of me. "That's terrible." He said. I just nodded. "So.. what were you doing? When you held your hand out?" I asked shyly. "Oh. A hand shake." He laughed. He had a cute laugh. It was like music. I nodded and he stuck his hand out again. "Just grab my hand" He said sweetly and I did what he said. He shook my hand up and down. His hand were very soft and gentle. I couldnt help but smile.

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