The love games.

Samantha Newman really likes One Direction. She loves to listen to their music. But when she gets into a terrible accident she forgets everything about her life. When she runs into a handsome young man she begings to think about him non stop. But what will happen when she meets his 4 best mates? Will they like her? Will she like them? More importantly, Will she fall for his best mate?


1. Before we knew it.

It was 7 in the morning. God was I tired. My family and I spent almost all day unpacking yesterday into a new house! Why am I so excited you ask? Because none other than ONE DIRECTION lives right down the block! LIke omg!!! My friend Jamie came with since we were on summer vacation. Awesome right? We sat in my room unpacking random boxes when she spoke up. "So Sam I have to tell you something." She said not looking up. "Whats up? I ask opening another box that does not contain my 1D posters. "Well you know how during the flight we were talking about how One Direction was doing a concert tonight and we really wanted to go but you said your parents wouldn't let you?" She said all in one breath. "Yeah why?" I said thinking nothing of it. "Well what if we don't tell them?" She said with a devilish smile. I thought it over for a second before smiling back at her. She had the craziest ideas ever. Im so glad shes here. "The show starts at seven so we should leve at about.." She paused and we both looked at the clock. It was 12:00. "about 3?" She smiled. I just laughed and nodded. We quickly went through our clothes to find something suitable for tonight. I picked out some black skinny jeans and a white tanktop. Jamie on the other hand picked out a tight blue dress that ended just above the knee. "You look hot." I winked. "As do you babes." She laughed. It was now three o'clock so we decided to head out. Mum and Dad we out at work so I left a note saying we were out in town shopping. I grabbed my keys and we walked out to my black Changer. I loved my car. I slid into the leather seats and Caught the sent of my strawberry air freshener. Yum. I started the engine and we were on our way.

-------Skip car ride---------

We Drove up to the Arena and started smiling like idiots. We walked up to the front gate and showed them our tickets that we bought forever ago. There was only like 20 other girls here so we got an AWESOME seat right in the front row! Omg my dream was about to come true! ahhhhh!!! A couple hours went by and the place was really starting to fill up. "Good idea to come early." I yell to Jamie. "I know right?" She yelled back. After a few minutes the lights dimmed and our favorite boy band came on introduced themselves. "Hi! I'm Harry!" "I'm Louis!" "Im Liam!" "I'm Zayn!" "And I'm Niall! And we are.. ONE DIRECTION!!" The boys introduced themselves. They all just giggled as Niall did his deep anouncer voice. It was so sexy. I'm a Harry girl, but I love that hot Irish snowflake.

---------Skip concert------

Jamie and I were still singing and twirling our glow sticks around above our heads as we walked out to my car. "That was amazing!!!" She yelled.  "HARRY WAS TOTALLY CHECKIN YOU OUT!!!" "HE WAS NOT!!" I giggled. although I had noticed him looking in our direction often. We were jamming out to their up all night album on the way back home. My favorite song off the that album came on. Up all night. (DUH?) I turned up the radio and started belting out the lyrics. "SAM LOOK OUT!!!" I heard Jamie yell. But before I could respond there was a flash of a bright white light. I felt a sharp pain go through my head as I screamed in pain.Then everything went black.

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