The love games.

Samantha Newman really likes One Direction. She loves to listen to their music. But when she gets into a terrible accident she forgets everything about her life. When she runs into a handsome young man she begings to think about him non stop. But what will happen when she meets his 4 best mates? Will they like her? Will she like them? More importantly, Will she fall for his best mate?


6. Awkward timing

"Louis." Harry said while shoulder bumping him. Louis cleared his throat and let out a nervous laugh. "Im sorry" He said with a half smile. "Its nice to meet you." "Likewise." I said a little weirded out by the while staring thing but oh well. I looked over at harry and he had a weird look on his face. "Could I see your schedual?" Louis asked. I nodded and handed him my schedual. "Wow." He said with a smile. "What?" Harry asked looking over Louis shoulder. "Sam and I almost have every class together." He said looking up at me handing me my schedual back. I smiled and looked around the halls. There were a lot of kids. But five really stood out. Three boys and two girls. One boy had blonde hair and incredibly bright blue eyes. The other two had brown hair and brown eyes. But one had mohca eyes and skin. The girls were insanely beautiful. One was tall with very curly hair, The other had long brown hair and was shorter than the first. As they walked over to us I stepped back and stood against the wall. They all greeted eachother and the boys became pretty into chatting with the five people. They were all chatting and having a good time I just kinda.. stood there and watched. The two girls were off to the side chatting by themselves. I looked over there for a second and noticed they were watching me. The shorter one with long hair turned to the taller girl and whispered something. they both started laughing. I looked around and noticed how people passing by were giving me strange looks too. I finally realized it was because I was watching Harry and Louis as they talked. I looked down and cleared my throat trying to play it off. I decided it would be weird if I stayed there I walked away. I heard the two girls laughing as I left. I looked at my schedual and headed to my first class. I looked around the room and decided to grab a seat in the back.

After the bell rang the room began to fill with teens. I noticed the guy with mohca eyes and skin walk into the room. He scanned the room like he owned the place. His eyes landed on me and he began to walk over to my seat. I looked down at my desk remembering this morning. "Hi." His voice rang. I looked up at him. "H-Hi" I stuttered. "I'm Zayn. Mind if I sit here?" He said motioning to the desk next to me. I nodded and smiled.

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