Ezra and I have always been alike. We enjoyed doing the same things, watching the same movies—yes, I know, weird—eating the same food, playing the same video games—yes, I’m a gamer, too—and even the same kind of clothes. But I never thought we’d take it this far. I never thought we’d fall for the same person.

Evan looked at me, his gorgeous sea-green eyes staring right into my soul, and he brushed my cheek with the tip of his fingers. He seemed to be in pain, but it was nothing compared to what I was feeling.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered to my ear, “but I love him, too.”


1. Chapter 1

“Eri!” a voice yelled.

I barely opened up my eyes. The light was burning them, and it was so painful. I only had the time to check my alarm clock. Eight AM. I was late. Again.

“Eris, get your lazy ass up,” he shouted again. “You’ll make us both late for school.”

Like I gave a damn about school. The only reason I was still going was to see Evan. I didn’t even have the time to roll over in my bed that my blankets were taken away from me, leaving my poor body freezing.

I groaned, curling up. “Five minutes, Ezra. Give me five fucking minutes.”

I heard him laughing. “Sorry, sister. You said that twenty minutes ago.” I heard him walking around in the room. “Now get up before I get you up.”  My face was suddenly in contact with fabric, and when I opened up my eyes to see what was going on, I realized that it was my outfit for the day being thrown at my face. I pushed it aside, and it fell off the bed. With a sigh, Ezra picked it up from the ground to put it back on the bed. He actually almost chocked me with my clothes to have me wide awake.

“Get out,” I moaned.

“Two minutes,” Ezra reminded me.

I looked up at my twin brother, feeling like murdering him right now. He had this ravishing smile on his lips, this sparkle of mischief in the back of his eyes as blue as the sky. My father used to say that mine were as blue as the ocean. Something that I quite liked: the fact that he bothered to point out that difference even if it wasn’t a big one. Ezra and I were identical twins. It didn’t matter that he was a boy, and that I was a girl. We looked exactly the same. If I had my hair cut like his, we’d probably be mistaken for identical boy twins. It wasn’t because Ezra looked feminine, and it wasn’t because I looked masculine. We just had the same features. I actually had hard time to tell us apart whenever I saw pictures of us when we were really young. I wasn’t even sure if our parents could. Mom told me that she used to dress me in pink and Ezra in blue so she wouldn’t get mixed up. When we were young, we had beautiful short golden hair. As we grew up, it got darker a little. Ezra liked to have his cut really short—he was really into war games—and I liked to have mine long enough to be tied up or braided. And it hadn’t changed much today.

Ezra didn’t leave the room, though. He waited patiently for me to get up. He blinked which brought my attention to his really long eyelashes. I think he had even longer than me… when I had mascara on. He was really good-looking, my brother. If he weren’t my flesh and blood, I might have been attracted to him. His lips were full, and according to my friends, very kissable. I couldn’t really confirm or infirm this theory because I didn’t think of my brother that way, although I did think there was something more between us. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean “more” as in incest. We were just always on the same wave length. I didn’t have to open my mouth to know what he was thinking, and the same applied for me. I know that I was the eldest, technically, but Ezra had always been really protective of me. I think that most of the big brothers out there were towards their younger sisters, but there was something more in Ezra’s behaviour. And I had never really noticed it before dating Evan.

Ever since I started going out with him, Ezra had been more and more protective. Usually, he’d have “the talk” with my new guy because my father just got along with almost all of them, and because they all charmed my mother. If Ezra didn’t approve, it was impossible for me to date the guy. He would make it literally impossible for me. I tried once, and … I would never do it again. It was a nightmare.

“I’m up,” I told him while getting up. I walked to him, and I pushed him out of the room and closed the door behind him.

“You better not get back to sleep, Eri,” he warned me, “or you’ll regret it.”

“Why don’t you get an apple for me, and I’ll eat in the car?” I shouted back.

“An apple?” I heard him ask, as if I had just asked him to strip naked in front of me.

“Yes,” I said. “An apple. You know, that fruit that’s almost round, and most likely green. You can find it in the fridge, I believe.”

“Ha, ha,” Ezra mocked. “That’s not a breakfast, you dummy.”

“Ain’t hungry,” I told him. “Stop fathering me.”

I didn’t hear his answer. He either mumbled it, which he did a lot these time, or he didn’t say anything. I shrugged, and I turned around to get dressed. I stripped out of my pajama, already missing the warmth of my bed. I tucked it under my pillow, pulling up my white blanket over my blue sheets. I changed my underwear and bra to new ones. I grabbed the first my hands touched and put them on without even looking down at myself to see what I had picked. I staggered to the bed where Ezra had left clothes for me. He chose my clothes himself, from time to time, because he said that I couldn’t choose something decent to wear on my own, that I needed his help. I didn’t, but if I didn’t obey and do as he said, he’d force me to go back upstairs to get changed, and well, I didn’t like arguing with him.

So, brother, I thought, what have you picked for today?

I stared down at a classic blue skinny jean. I quite liked that piece of clothing, so I gladly put it on. For the top, it was a white shirt with a big fake zipper beginning over my left boob and going down until my hips, doing a diagonal. It was a round neck that didn’t show too much. It was decent.

I opened up my door and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and to wash my face. When it was done, I tied up my hair in a ponytail and headed downstairs. Ezra was already waiting for me in the hall, his finger taping on his watch, looking at me like he’d been waiting forever. His smirk gave him away, though. He was just teasing and annoying the crap out of me.

“Got your apple,” he said while tossing it at me.

I caught it, threw it in the air, and caught it back before approving. “Nice choice,” I commented.

“Thank you,” he said. “Now, let’s go.”

I grabbed my bag that was on the ground and followed him outside. Our parents had already left for work, and Ezra locked the door behind me. I walked to his baby, and I was about to touch the door to open it, but he stopped me with a little shriek, “Eri, don’t touch her! I just washed her.”

I suspended my hand in the air, inches away from the red dress of his baby. I had to agree with him, though. She really was beautiful. She was all shiny which wasn’t surprising since he took hours taking care of her. He’d never love anyone more than her—except for me. I felt sorry for his future girlfriend: she’d have to share my brother with his one true love.

Ezra came next to me, and he opened up the door for me. For anyone else witnessing the scene, he probably looked like a gentleman. I carefully sat down, as I could feel my brother eyeing me to make sure that I didn’t do anything that could potentially cause any damage, and he gently closed the door behind me. He walked around the car and sat down next to me, behind the wheel. He started the engine and drove into the street. While he drove us to school, I ate my apple, making sure that I didn’t accidently spit some juice on his baby’s seats. It wasn’t like it would be hard to wash: the seats were in leather, I believe.

Five minutes later, he parked the car into the public parking of our school. I was surprised that he was willing to take her with him to school, but I think he’d miss her too much if she stayed home.

I barely had the time to get out of the car—with Ezra holding the door open for me, of course—that I felt muscular arms pulling me against a hard chest.

I started to laugh while Ezra grumbled something.

“Hey, babe,” Evan whispered in my ear. His warm breath tickled my ear, and I shivered a little. Looking up at my gorgeous boyfriend, my eyes met his wonderfully deep sea-green eyes. I ran a hand through his messy blond hair that was darker than Ezra’s, but seemed to match mine. Evan was about six or seven inches taller than me. I used to complain about this, because I always had to be on the tip of my toe to kiss him, or he had to bend over, but I think he liked that a lot.

The first time I went on a date with him, I told him that he reminded me of this actor, Aliocha Schneider. He basically had the same features, but his face was a little more round than Schneider, and I believe that Evan was way more muscular.

He leaned down on me, and our lips met. His were always so soft and full. Kissing him felt as if I could taste heaven for a while.

We broke the kiss after hearing my brother clearing his throat. When I looked at him, I noticed the way his blue eyes had suddenly turned darker—that happened whenever he was upset about something. His lips were pressed together, and his fists clenched. He realized that I had seen him, and he immediately tried to relax his body, but he couldn’t mislead me.

“Can you guys stop sucking each other’s tongue out?” Ezra snapped coldly.

“Dude, you’re free to go away,” Evan snarled. “No one’s forcing you to watch.”

“No one’s forcing you to rape her face, dude,” Ezra replied madly.

“Ezra,” I said quietly.

He quickly looked at me, but he just shrugged and walked away very fast, as to dare me to catch up with him. I didn’t. He was in a bad mood these days, and I didn’t know what was up with him. He didn’t use to behave like this with Evan. He even told me that he approved when I first introduced the two of them. I tried talking to him, but he kept denying the problem. If he didn’t tell me, I couldn’t help.

“I’m sorry,” I said to Evan who was looking at my brother walking away.

When he looked down at me, I could have sworn that I saw a glint of sadness in his eyes. But when he shook his head, it disappeared.

“Don’t worry,” Evan said. “He’ll come around.”

He took my hand, and we started walking toward the school, following my brother from far behind. I tried talking a bit to Evan, but he didn’t seem to be very responsive. He’d just nod his head or approve of what I said.

Suddenly, his phone rang. I had never heard that ringtone, and he quickly let go of my hand to grab his phone in his pocket. He didn’t even look at the screen to see who wanted to talk to him, but I could tell that it was important just by the way his body suddenly tensed up. He leaned down on me and kissed my lips—I didn’t even know if this could be called a kiss: he barely touched my lips.

“I need to take this,” he said. “I’ll see you later.”

I saw him walking away while he looked at his phone. I don’t think I ever saw him smiling that happily looking at a screen before.


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