A Series Of Fateful Events

Making a wish at 11:11 isn't supposed to work. On the occasion Addie finds that it does, it leads to a wild tangle of love, hate, and drama. Or, as others refer to it, fate.


3. The Exchange

Chapter 3: The Exchange

The second the door shut behind Liam I started jumping around, flailing my arms about, and doing all the stuff I have sworn never to do in the presence of a celebrity. But, he was outside so technically had free rein. I smiled to myself and begin to jump around some more. I wanted to tweet it, Facebook it; anything to let the world know that One Direction; yes! One Direction, was at my friggin’ house. I wanted nothing more than to call Teddy because she was more obsessed than I was and she would absolutely freak! But then again, she’s a scary kind of fan. I shivered and looked out the window at a retreating Liam. Upon seeing him reach behind and flick his hood over his head, I decided against calling or telling anyone. He obviously wouldn’t want a full on fan rush. He’s honestly just a normal person that perused his dreams. Nothing more, nothing less. I watch, motionless, as Liam opens the car door, and talks to the rest of the boys, before they all pile out and run to my door. My eyes automatically focus on the streak of blonde hair and braces. Without realizing it, my feet dragged me to the door and I was now standing there waiting. A loud, anxious knock echoed throughout the front hall. I drew in a shaky breath and opened the door. Perhaps a bit too fast, may I add.

My eyes adjusted automatically to the knocker; Louis. Of course it was Louis. Next to him was Harry, with his sloppy mess of curls cased in a green beanie. Then there was Zayn, with his hair flattened to his head as if he had a hat on earlier. Behind him stood Niall, with a tank-top, sweatpants, and a snapback. Now cue ovary explosion. Something I may have forgot to mention, Niall was my favorite. He’s always been my favorite; he just has that innocent and adorable look that makes you want to just… oh golly, I have to stop. Of course I love them all, but lets face it. Everyone has that one boy they like a tad more than the rest. It’s actually a good thing too, because my friends and I all picked our personal favorites. Mine is Niall, Clover’s is Liam, Teddy’s is Harry, Drew’s is Louis, and Cerys isn’t much of a fan; she actually doesn't like them at all... but she prefers Zayn.

“Hey babe!” Louis spoke up with a smile, “I’m Louis!”

“I’m Harry!” Harry hugged me and kissed my cheek, followed by a wink.

“No! Haz you will not flirt!” Liam pushed forward a smacked the back of Harry’s head, sending his beanie to the ground.

“I wasn’t!” He whined.

“Well, I’m Zayn!” Zayn leaned forward and kissed my cheek.

“Hi, Zayn,” I smiled genuinely, “Please, you guys can come in, just make yourselves at home!”

With that 4 out of the 5 boys piled into the house.

“I’m Niall.”

I looked at him and smiled. “Ya know… you can come in too.” I winked.

He laughed and proceeded to enter. All the boys were gathered in the kitchen, at a loss for what to say or do. I don’t even care right now, I am the luckiest person right now! It took me a second to realize how ironic this situation is. Then it hit me, I wished for this. “I wished for this…” I mumbled.

“What was that?” Louis questioned.

“I wished for this!! Oh my god! It came true!” I begin laughing hysterically.

“Excuse me?” Liam asked, confusion written amongst all of their faces.

At the park I wished for this… I knew it! That park is my park! It’s where everything happens! Where things take place, where things come true. Ahh!! I started laughing some more.

“Um… Excuse me, love are you okay?” Niall gazed questioningly at me. His eyes were filled with concern; whether it as concern for me or concern for him and his mates, I’m not sure. Shit. I’ve lost it. I’ve officially broken.

“Oh my gosh… I am so sorry! It’s complicated and I mean I can try to explain but… I don’t know,” I frowned, “It was bound to happen… I mean, you boys… you’re One Direction. It’s not often I get to meet my favorite celebrities.” I looked down in embarrassment, “I’m immensely sorry if I seemed like a complete whack-job or some crazy person, I’m really not. I swear I’m just…”

I was interrupted by a warm hand pulling my head upwards. I made eye contact with him; Niall.

“You’re absolutely perfect. No one thinks you’re mental, I promise.” He smiled. I was still gazing into his sparkling blue eyes, getting lost. I tried to turn my head after a moment, and so he let go. When I looked into the mirror, I was met with a ghastly sight. My cheeks; No. My whole face was as red as a freshly picked tomato. Great. I curse my easily blushable cheeks! It only made it worse when all the boys started to laugh at the sight of it so I blushed even harder. I took a quick glance at Niall and saw him looking down with a smile on his face and his cheeks were tinted pink. Pink. As in blushing. That can’t be right… right?

Niall’s P.O.V

Stop, stop, stop, stop! I felt the blood in my cheeks rise to the surface the second her eyes met mine. Her pretty… deep brown eyes.

I knew I liked her the second she opened the door. You know that look that some people have where you just know that they’re a nice person? You just know they’re as pretty on the inside as on the out? That’s how I knew. She was wearing white shorts that showed off her tan, toned legs, paired with a flowy blue tank top. Her hair was long and she had it tied up in a pony-tail. She was wearing big glasses; not the bulky kind, they were smaller rims, big lenses. More elegant looking. They actually looked kind of fake… I wonder if they were. I saw all the other boys give her a hug or a kiss on the cheek but I couldn’t bring myself to do it, though I really wanted to. After I cupped her chin and told her she was perfect she blushed. Was I hallucinating, or did she really just blush? I turned to look at the other boys and they started laughing at me. I couldn’t understand why until I felt the familiar warmth underneath my cheeks.

“Sorry to interrupt the blush-fest but can I borrow a phone?” Liam joked.

Addie gasped and covered her mouth to stifle her laughter. Everyone burst into fits of laughter too, by the face she was making.

“Of course!” she laughed again and pulled out a blue item from her back pocket. Liam gratefully takes it but stops upon seeing the case.

“Stitch?” he chuckled.

“Yep! My iPhone case is stitch.”

“Password?” he tried to hand her phone back.

“It’s unlock.” She stated.

Liam nodded and walked away.

“Your password is ‘unlock’?” Louis laughed.

“Yeah! It’s so obvious that no one will ever guess it. It’s like having password for any account. Honestly, who the hell would make password their password?” she giggled at her logic. Her giggle.

“I’m sorry, I never got your name…?” Zayn interjected, “by the way, I love the unlock code thing idea!” He smiled.

She laughed again, “My name’s Adrienne… But I prefer Addie.”

“Addie?! That’s such a unique name, I love it!” Harry winked at her. I have to admit, I got vaguely jealous about the exchange, but why? I’ve known her…what? Maybe less than an hour?

Oh great… I’m falling, and I, one; don’t know much about her at all, as I just met her. And two, I’ve never grown feelings this intense, this quickly. But, I can’t stop now.

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