A Series Of Fateful Events

Making a wish at 11:11 isn't supposed to work. On the occasion Addie finds that it does, it leads to a wild tangle of love, hate, and drama. Or, as others refer to it, fate.


1. Awkward Silence

Chapter 1 : Awkward Silence


 I woke with a start and jumped up in my bed; hands over my eyes to block out the sunlight. I’ve been having the same nightmare for almost 2 weeks now; it was about him getting shot hundreds of times, but I could never reach him in time (as he was hundreds of thousands of miles away)... Lets just say its not gonna get better anytime soon.

I looked at the calendar. It was Saturday. In fact it was the Saturday that started summer, and I was free. Free of school, free of all bitches like Anna Carmichael and Jennifer Deck (or as i like to call Jennifer: 'hoe-whore-bitch'; one word). She is; by far, the epitome of girls that i hate... with a burning passion. It was weird; i used to be on okay terms with her until the whole thing with Dakota. That's when things turned to shit; but that's a different story for a different day.

My name is Adrienne Watson (But you can call me Addie) and I’m 18 years old. I live alone in this too-big house with no supervision or parental consent. Sounds like the dream, right? Yeah, think again; it gets pretty god damn lonely. My parents won the lottery and spontaneously decided to retire early, which left my older brother Ian; who's 20; and I at home by ourselves. He and I are both more than responsible and self efficient. In fact,I'd been cooking meals for myself since I was at the glorious age of 8 years old. Anyways, yeah my parents left and Ian promised he'd stay until I graduated but last month he got drafted into the Marine Core... So only god knows where my big brother is; more importantly if he's okay.

I finally peered through my eyelids and looked around my room. It was super open and bright due to my 4 huge windows; and the fact that I had all white walls made the room appear larger. Well, then again it appeared just a smidge smaller; yes my walls were white, but they were covered with all of my favorite things. My favorite quotes, song lyrics, artists, articles pictures, bands, singers, actors and actresses, etc. But most important of all, my One Direction wall. I am without a doubt, in love with everything about them. I would trade my soul just to meet those boys…. Not really, but does it really hurt to fantasize? I mean even if I do meet them, that doesn’t mean Niall will fall in love immediately and say ‘oh! I found you Addie! You are my princess!’ I am a realist, so I know how much of an impossibility that would be; there’s so many girls drooling over his every move (mind me I’m one of them). But the difference between them and me? They are all beautiful, and I’m, just…. Well, me.

Now I sullenly walk into the bathroom to fix my appearance; I’m almost positive I look like shit from last nights dream. I miss you Ian please be safe. My thoughts of how I looked mirrored my appearance; ugh... my hair looks like a bird picked at the pieces and made it into a glorious nest. I tried combing through it but it was no use, so I hopped in the shower and just washed my hair thoroughly. My hair was long; as it should be because I've been trying to grow it out for the past 2 years, approximately ending at my lower back. It was usually a light ashy brown, but I dyed it dark brown a few weeks ago; as I got bored with it. When I got out and dried my self off I looked at my appearance yet again… much better. I finally got the brush through my hair and proceeded to blow dry and straighten it; whole time being clad in only a bra and underwear. I didn't stop straightening my hair until it was stick straight. Satisfied; I walked into my room and got dressed. It was 70 degrees outside; guess its a shorts and tank-top kinda day, I smiled to myself. I rummaged through my closet until I found my white shorts and a flowy blue tank-top. Looking in the mirror once again; I decided I looked decent enough, so I grabbed my purse, my white iPhone, and my key-lanyard, and then headed out the door. I knew my destination the second my feet touched the sidewalk; I was going to the park. It wasn't just any park; well to me it wasn't. It was a sentimental park, because I've had so many good things happen to my family and I there. For example, my parents, Ian, and I went there one time for a picnic; later on my parents decided to check the winning lottery numbers. Bada-bing-bada-boom, they won. Two years ago, it was where Ian met his first girlfriend, Merrie; which, may I add, are still happily together. It was also, to an extent, mine and my friends' park. Every time we meet up; its here. Every time something happens to any of us, be it good or bad; its here. So right now, that is what I'm planning on doing. I'm gonna call them and tell them to meet me. Why? Because I'm bored. I laughed to myself, thinking of all the crazy times we've had here.

My four best friends were Rebecca Stevenson (who prefers to be called Drew because her middle name is Andrew), Cerys Cumberbatch, Teddy Smyth, and Clover Brannon. Those girls were my life; call it cliche and retarded, but without them I really don't think there's a chance of my survival. I sat down and texted them telling them to meet me but nobody could come. As it was pretty short notice I understood, so I just stayed there by myself for a little bit; enjoying the serenity. I got a bit bored so I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my twitter and Facebook feeds. Apparently One Direction had basically fell of the face of the earth... hmm... odd. I got a tad curious so I decided to Google it; it says 'One Direction were last seen getting onto a plane and heading who knows where. None of the boys have tweeted anything in the past week of their whereabouts and when asked, management replies with a simple yes we know where they are and nothing more.' My Heart leaped, oh my god! What if they traveled here?!? but of course that thought was instantaneously dismissed. I'm a Directioner so I honestly cant help that I wish that. I checked my watch, 11:11. perfect; I wish with all my heart that they are here in Pennsylvania and that I meet them. I sighed heavily and heaved myself out of the swing. I plugged my headphones in my ears and walked home the music blaring to the song #STUPIDFACEDD by Wallpaper. The main reason I was obsessed with that song was because the bass was fucking amazing. I smiled and bobbed my head along; occasionally singing along with it.

        Now when I say awkward, y'all say silence; Awkward... Awkward... yup.


I walked up my sidewalk, still bobbing my head and flailing my hands and arms. The song 'Rock Me' by One Direction (obviously) came on and I squealed with excitement. Reason being is that for Teddy's 16th birthday, Me, Drew, Cerys, Clover, and our other friend Krista arranged a flash mob at her party. Teddy's Mom and Dad made these mask type things to put over our face; the mask things were pictures of One Direction; so when asked, Teddy could say 'One Direction' came to her party. Anyways, ½ way through the song it cut off to The Macarana so all was fun and exciting. I was almost to my door; still doing pelvic thrusts, the in=betweeners dance, and the rowboat, when I noticed a black car with black tinted windows sitting to the side of the road a 100 yards from my house. I stared questioningly at it. Someone got a breakdown... I sing-songed in my head and walked inside. Once inside, I decided I needed food and I rummaged through the cabinets until I settled on a box of macaroni and cheese. After the water boiled I was about to open the box when I heard a knock on my door.

“Just a second!” I yelled and ran to the door. I opened the door expecting to find Drew, Teddy, Clover, or Cerys; as they're the only people that ever knock on my door. I gaped at the person standing not even 2 feet away from me. Was this a joke? True, it wasn't one of my friends, however I wish it was.

“Um... Hi.” I spoke softly.


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