The Wrecks

Ron came to a Prodigy's High school. He gets bullied and pushed around, once he had enough he gets the support of one of the most popular groups in School, 'The Wrecks'. He gets to join them in the fun and crazy things they get to do everyday. But in the end what will happen to them? Will he make friends or just get played like always?


1. Introducing...................

The wind blew in my face and my glasses fogged up as I exhaled deeply. The white tipped roofs sparkled as the sunrays bounced off. Vrrrrooooooom, a car sped past me leaving me in the sidewalk. Straitening my backpack I quickened my pace and cross the road. My feet dragged my frozen body through the frigid wind. I reached my destination and groups of students were everywhere, I felt alone as everyone talked. A senior couple was making out on the wall to my right and a kid was being picked on to my left. Welcome to the worst years of life high school, I thought to myself. Soon the bell rang and I rushed inside getting pushed by others on the way.

I reached my locker and grabbed all I have for the day. First period started and I was in my homeroom, I was busy in Algebra until I felt something wet hit the back of my neck. I looked back to see Kyle, or like most people call him King Kyle holding a spit ball straw in his mouth. Not only was he a bully but he knows people and can make your lives miserable, but even without getting access of my private life he still had a way for me to live through hell.

As the hours went on and I went through my classes soon it was the end of the day. Quickly I packed my things and ran out the door; I usually hang around until the school was almost empty to avoid Kyle and his gang. I ran through the hallways but as I came around the corner, blocking the way was Kyle and his group. Stopping dead in my tracks I was about to confront my bullies until I heard a voice.

"I don't want to be part of your stupid gang anymore!" The voice screamed, I froze and peered in. It was one of the guys I have music class with. "I have real friends now! They actually care for me and I care for them too!""

"Boohoo, so what if you have friends?" Kyle started laughing at the guy. It was the first time I ever saw Kyle pick on another student than me. "All I want is for you to stay in the gang and follow my orders! If not then who else would beat up guys I don't like?"

"If you won't let me go than I guess I'll have to beat you up!" I cowered behind one of the columns as three of Kyle's henchmen crept forward. They were wearing solemn faces yet none could compare this guy's really creepy face. Seriously he looks messed up.

Suddenly one of the creeps launched at him and swung his arms but I guess he was too slow because the other guy was already behind him and throwing jabs. He fell and the other two grew angry and started beating the guy up, jokes on them though because they got pulverized after getting pulled by their arms and slammed on the concrete floor. This dude was amazing! He just knocked out three guys without having a single punch land on him.

The others who were standing by now joined in the action, but he just dodged their attacks and letting them hit each other or sometimes he would actually throw a punch or swing a kick at them. If so they would fall limp on the ground, at first they kind of look dead but that shouldn’t be possible after a punch or two.

Out of the blue I heard a jiggling noise; looking behind me I saw nothing. I checked again in a second or two but there was only empty air. I shrugged and kept watching the fight. Maybe it was just a noise, really it could have been nothing, I thought to myself.

Just then, I saw a flash of silver somewhere behind the statues. I looked closer. Was someone using a knife? I started to sweat, if someone did bring a weapon so dangerous someone could really get hurt! My palms felt wet, "No! Calm yourself!" I muttered angrily. "You’re just seeing things!" But my heart was already racing. I was always a goody two shoes and I didn't like it if someone got hurt, especially if it was me.

All of a sudden I felt something cold and metallic pressed to my neck. I screamed out of surprise, tugging on it only made it worst it just strangled me. I thrashed around trying to get it off, my lungs were crying out for air. My head banged into something hard; to my surprise I was free and breathing. Someone moaned in agony behind me so I turned around. It was Kyle, with chains in his hands!

Eyes bulging out and my mouth hung open. Kyle tried to choke me! "That was quiet a head-butt Ron!" Without warning my head began to throb and I started to pull my brunette hair out of the way. "You sure took some damage!" My knees gave out, my head began to spin. I felt like puking, I was helpless and injured but Kyle stood up like that was just nothing.

"LEAVE HIM ALONE!" A husky and stern voice called out. In the corner of my eyes I saw two figures in the entrance, one short the other tall. Everyone dropped what they were doing, so did Kyle. The chains in his hands dropped to the floor and so did my body. Last thing I remembered was a voice calling out, but it seemed so far away it was barely a whisper. "Hold on!”


My eyes opened to a blinding light, I shielded myself as I adjusted. I found myself sitting in a couch surrounded by five students from my school and all of them were intimidating. My mouth hung open as I recognized all of them; they were only some of the prodigies our school keeps. That is why we are called the 'St. Paul's Prodigy High School'.

A girl to my right helped me keep sitting and asked. "Are you okay?"

"My head just hurts that's all," My head throbbed and I eased it with an ice pack given to me by a girl in thick rimmed glasses. 


"Hi, I'm Karen"

"Call me Mike!"

"The name's Lance"

"Jessica, your pleasure to meet me"

"Greetings, My name is Harold"

The Wrecks; are the most popular and the only prodigy group in my school.

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