Kidnapped by One direction (Good and Bad)

Hey guys!!!!!!Sorry for the mature content:(.I don't like it either but there is no good stuff in there so you have too bear with me!Also I read a lot of kidnapped by One Direction story's and thought I needed too try it out.

P.S:Might write a book about meeting Harry Niall Zayn Liam or Louis too my baby and you get too pick who I meet!!!!!!Please write in comments who should I pick and yea bye.Need those answers!:)


1. One Direction concert!

Emily P.O.V:

I lied on my bed and watched t.v and was about too go too sleep until my cousin Abby called me! I was really tired but I answered it anyway.

"Hey"I yelled pretending too be excited.I waited for her too answer and then she screamed! She knew I hated that so she stopped.

"I have 3 concert tickets too One Direction and there backstage"! I started to yell and jump but she did not see me but she heard my loud feet hitting my floor.

"Okay,should I come over now"!? I asked and bit my lip for luck.


I hung up and screamed and got some clothes and money.I do not carry a purse so I put it in the money in my pocket.I drove my car there and I was 19 so yea I could drive,and stopped in her driveway.I walked in her house and she was already ready and so was I so we left!We turned on no music and just talked and talked for the whole time.Than we walked in.

We got front row seats and listened too them singing "Summer love" and "I want" and "Kiss you" and "More than this"!Than we were going backstage.I walked in and saw Harry and Louis! I walked up too them and waved.They smiled and Harry's dimples!He looked at my mouth and started smiling and saw my dimples.Abby was with Niall and the other boy's acting crazy as always!

Harry P.O.V:

She was so nice looking and she didn't talk!Maybe she was shy.

"So whats your name"I waited for a response.

"Emily" she looked down and smiled as Louis walked towards Abby too give me and Emily some privacy.He winked at me as he walked away. 

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