Kidnapped by One direction (Good and Bad)

Hey guys!!!!!!Sorry for the mature content:(.I don't like it either but there is no good stuff in there so you have too bear with me!Also I read a lot of kidnapped by One Direction story's and thought I needed too try it out.

P.S:Might write a book about meeting Harry Niall Zayn Liam or Louis too my baby and you get too pick who I meet!!!!!!Please write in comments who should I pick and yea bye.Need those answers!:)


3. Moving things in!

Emily P.O.V:

We went too my apartment and got all of my clothes and stuff.Harry was helping out!

"Hey,a bra"!Harry yelled,grabbing the bra and putting it in his hands.

I tried too take it but he clipped it on his head and ran around the room!I chased after him and we went outside while everyone was staring at us and had a concerned look on there face.They thought that we needed help!We found out everyone was staring so we went in the house and got my clothes too put in the car and left.We were at Harry's house and Louis lived there also so it may be awkward at some moments!I put my clothes in another dresser and it was in Harry's room!I was nervous about him wanting too get my bras.But the good thing is that Louis room is down the hall SOUND proof!

It was time too make dinner!Me and Harry made the food as Louis set the table.He made the drinks while me and Harry cooked the leftover pizza they had last night.We were finally done.We ate everything and we walked in are rooms.I lied on the bed as Harry was getting dressed.I starred at him and started to grin as he shook his hair and took off his shirt.I was really happy too be here.When he was done getting ready,he lied on the bed with me and started too snuggle with me!It felt nice and warm and comfortable!He also smelled really good!Vanilla I was thinking as I smelled him.

Harry P.O.V:

She was perfect.she smelt like mint and her hair sparkled as the light hit it.she turned around giggling as I poked her back and took off her shirt and she laughed as we played tug-of-war with her shirt!I finally gave up and fell on the ground.She started too laugh and pick me up but then I pulled her down and cuffed her up in my arms.She looked up and smiled as I poked her nose and she giggled.I loved it when she giggled or laugh or even smile!She was so beautiful and nice!Well nicer than my other girlfriends!We went on the bed and as I kissed her I couldn't stay away!She was just so nice and sweet and was not hard or soft at all!It was so easy too touch her without her squinting and trying too pull away!She was just very gentle and sweet!


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