Kidnapped by One direction (Good and Bad)

Hey guys!!!!!!Sorry for the mature content:(.I don't like it either but there is no good stuff in there so you have too bear with me!Also I read a lot of kidnapped by One Direction story's and thought I needed too try it out.

P.S:Might write a book about meeting Harry Niall Zayn Liam or Louis too my baby and you get too pick who I meet!!!!!!Please write in comments who should I pick and yea bye.Need those answers!:)


2. Getting too know each other!

Harry P.O.V:

Louis left us alone so me and Emily can talk! I was nervous and Emily isn't even a singer or actress,she is a fan!I felt a little weak in the knees!

"So,do you like me"?I asked looking in her eyes.


I looked in her eyes and leaned in too kiss her.Are lips almost met until all the other boys walked in!They stared at us and Niall went in the kitchen.Zayn sat down,Liam sat down and Louis sat in front of us.They rested there heads on there hands and starred at us smiling and then Louis pulled his head up and waked his legs and started too laugh.Everybody started too have baby faces and say baby stuff and left.We did not kiss,we just started laughing!Than we talked about Emily moving in with me!Than we finally made arrangements and finally said yes!


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