The murder of Queen Fantasy

I wrote this story 2 years ago and thought why not post?! People actually were pretty impressed and said that i could win a writing competition. This story is full of mystery and fantasy so you'll never get bored. Follow the clues of how did the queen got murdered. is there blood involved? We'll find out after detective Cocoburg solves the case!


1. Upon of the kingdom


   One forbidden morning the queen woke up with a big grin on her face, light peering out of the window as sun was shining, birds chirping in a tune that was almost catchy. This wasn't just any queen this was the queen of fantasy and where she lived anything was possible, just name it, another Charlie and the chocolate factory i suppose. This evolution started in 3015 where the whole earth deformed and has a total meltdown. Everything just suddenly changed, it was very much odd since these very substances that are here today are actually what you eat!  This is a place where lakes and streams were anything but smooth rich dark creamy chocolate.  This is the land of fantasy 


  The queen of fantasy  was dressed in to her cocoa pearl beaded fabric and made the seqins of the dress glint in to the suns ray it just was all put together complimenting her feminine body shape,  . She couldn't of forgot her white liberating high heels. Looking as fancy as could headed down the long but wide stairwall made of furnished gold shining brighter than the sun could  get blinded. Still heading down  with perfect posture seeing  that her maid looked grouchy didn't make her happy at all. 


Ready to eat breakfast with family as she sat on a giant silver chair. There she was eating breakfast beside the king who looked handsome as ever. They`re table all set and placed on that table were steaming eggs, mashed potatoes and the list just goes on! As you all know there is a queen of fantasy but did you also know that there is a queen of evil! The maid greeted the queen and the king with a good morning my majesty as she placed smooth,rich tea with a sweet aroma that filled the room. 

On the other side of this world was the queen of evil with a selfish look on her face and comanded the maids

"go get me some mouse hair spider gut stew.``


  Now it was starting to get dark the moon was  pale blue light almost as if it were a full moon  surrounded by a million stars that shone across the sky with a twinkle. Back to the queen of fantasy`s kingdom , the queen was sitting next to a huge window while wind was howling next to her , the view was rather great. Big lollipop trees, chocolate streams, cotton candy clouds over magenta grass. Everyone in the kingdom was asleep; it was so quiet that you could even hear a pin drop. As the queen was sitting she felt something prickly rather sharp crawling through her back it was questionable sight. The queen started screaming with all her might, ahhhh!! ... ahhh!!!  A voice came from her behind


 "Ha, Ha .. Ha I finally got you my dear.



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