Gone (A Niall Horan Fanfic)

Somehow, I knew that wasn't true though. Just seeing the damage, the condition of the car..there was no way. Yet there was still the small flicker of hope, or maybe it was denial, that wanted me to believe Niall was okay. Niall's okay. Nialler's a fighter. Niall's gonna be here any minute.

Still there was the doubt..

Oh, Niall please be okay...


4. Chapter Three

Chapter Three:

"Hey Lou...did you hear from Liam?" Harry asked walking into the main room of my flat. I shook my head and went back to my twitter. I knew he was worried about Niall. Liam's text really scared him. I've been trying to convince him it was just a small 'have you seen the Irish twat' kind of text. Nothing to worry about..Problem was, I felt something was off. Maybe it was because I haven't see the potato in ages...

I shook my head at myself and decided to go on a follow spree. It would take forever, and it would definitely keep my mind elsewhere. I heard Harry get up and start pacing around the apartment nervously. 

Three hundred follows later, my phones ringtone blared loudly through the room scaring the shit out of me. I checked the caller ID, expecting for it to be my mum or maybe even El.

But it wasnt...

It was Liam.

"Hello?" I answered my voice came confused, and oddly a bit high pitched. "Lou, you need to get the lads and get down to the hospital,"
Liam responded desperately. A thousand questions raced through my mind. I couldn't get them all out though, so I simply asked, "Why?"

"It's..it's Niall..." He said softly, barely audible through the phone. My heart stopped, and I started to sweat. The tone in Liam's voice shot worry through me. What was wrong with Niall? What happened? Was he okay? Is he dead? God Thats what it is..he's dead..there's no way that he's okay. Why else would Liam want us to come?

"Louis," Liam said breaking me from my horrible thoughts. "Yeah?"
I manage to croak out. "Just please get here," Liam pleads. I nod my head and hang up quickly. Without a second thought I jumped into action, texting Zayn to meet us there and banging on Harry's door.

He opened the door with wide-eyes silently understanding something terrible happened. "Harry, we need to get to the hospital now.." I say never taking my eyes off of his green ones. Harry didn't even ask why, or who was there, he just jumped for his Supras and coat.

Before I knew it, my feet were carrying me to my small car. I jumped in and waited for Harry to get in also. The drive there was silent and tense. All I could think of was a lifeless Niall laying limp in a bed somewhere. 

"Stop it Lou," I mentally scolded myself. Niall could be perfectly fine..he could be just getting a checkup. A couple scratches..a couple bruises..

"Hoping for the best...expecting the worst.." Harry sang softly along with the radio.

I couldn't have sang it better myself..

~Authors Note~
Hey lovelies! 

So it's a start, I'm back to updating! Sorry about the wait though..thank you for waiting though! I really appreciate it! So so much, so thank you! 


Stay Lovely My Lovelies,
-Ashley(: xx 

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