Gone (A Niall Horan Fanfic)

Somehow, I knew that wasn't true though. Just seeing the damage, the condition of the car..there was no way. Yet there was still the small flicker of hope, or maybe it was denial, that wanted me to believe Niall was okay. Niall's okay. Nialler's a fighter. Niall's gonna be here any minute.

Still there was the doubt..

Oh, Niall please be okay...


7. Chapter Six

Chapter Six:

"I've got some bad news," the doctor said. The words rung in their ears. Fear started to creep in, how bad would bad be? Was he going to be okay? What exactly was wrong with him? They didn't know, and they were all afraid to find out.

"Well, I'm sorry to say but Niall was severely injured in the accident. His brain was injured immensely. There has been no brain activity since he's come. He's living off of life support right now. He's basically, a human vegetable," the doctor finished sadly. Even he was upset with this.

The boys had no response, no words. All at once, their worlds seemed to collapse. A human vegetable. Living off of life support. There were no words to describe what they felt. They were shocked that it was the same Niall they just saw a week ago. The same Niall that never shut up. The same Niall that drove the energy of the whole band. Their Niall.

Nobody said anything for a long time. They just couldn't form any words. Soon though, the shock wore off enough for them to start questioning things.

"So what are our options?" Liam asked softly. He was obviously just trying to keep it together at the moment. 

"Well, I'm sorry to say there's only two options and both are pretty terrible," he admitted before continuing on, "You could either keep him on life support, with no changes in brain activity. Or you could all say your last goodbyes and well take him off," the doctor explained.

They all were once again shocked. They were in a hospital with a group of trained doctors and there was nothing more they could do? No medicines they could try? There weren't any other option for their friend?

There was the sound of the doctors pager then a sigh. "Look, I'm sorry guys but I've got to go. Don't rush to make a decision. Take your time." With that he was gone leaving them with the hardest decision of their lives.

~Authors Note~

Well this took awhile again...I'm sorry! But I hope you liked it! Thanks so so much for reading! I love you guys!

Stay Lovely My Lovelies,

-Ashley(: xx 

P.S what did you think? You like? If so you should comment! And favorite and like...(:

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