Gone (A Niall Horan Fanfic)

Somehow, I knew that wasn't true though. Just seeing the damage, the condition of the car..there was no way. Yet there was still the small flicker of hope, or maybe it was denial, that wanted me to believe Niall was okay. Niall's okay. Nialler's a fighter. Niall's gonna be here any minute.

Still there was the doubt..

Oh, Niall please be okay...


1. Chapter One

Chapter One:

"Niall! Be careful! Don't go to fast, and keep your seatbelt buckled!" called who you would assume would be my mum, but was actually my overprotective bandmate Liam Payne. I rolled my eyes at him, and laughed lightly. "Will do mummy," I responded grabbing the keys to the Range Rover off the counter.


Shrugging my coat on, I walked out the door and into the pouring rain. I saw the Rover parked across the driveway, and it practically called my name. I made my way over, and quickly climbed in, excitement coursing through me. I'm not normally allowed to drive, and when I am it's like a privilege.


I slide in onto the cool leather seat and swiftly buckle my seat belt. I probably wouldn't have, had Liam not reminded me. I just didn't like the feeling of restraint, it irked me. Never the less, I started down the road towards our local Nandos. 


It was quiet, all I could hear was the soft pitter patter of the rain on th window. I couldn't stand it, so I started to blast the radio.I sang along loudly, the upbeat music making me feel somehow invisible. Looking down the long, empty drag of road before me, I started to put some pressure onto the pedal.


I felt the speed start to increase. The grin on my face only getting bigger as I watched the world fly behind me. Nothing could go wrong. This moment was perfect. I felt good, I felt great! That was until I saw the headlights.


Small memories of my life whirled around me. I could hear the soothing voice of my mum, the excitement of my dads voice handing me my first guitar. The judges voices giving me my "yes" for the x-factor. The voices of my four best mates. My whole life, flashing before me like a movie. The bad, the good, everything. 


As soon as it had started it ended, and the last thing I could hear was the sound of crunching metal and shattering glass.

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