Leo(na) Howards' families magic has finally built up, the first one in her close family to have enough magic, she tries to hide her background, meet's a certain pair of red haired twins and their kinda cute older brother, and faces her school life at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


1. Transport&Redheads

Leo(na) Arron Howards 

Leo Howards, age eleven, was on her way to Hogwarts. She was tall for her age and had short, messy black hair. Saying goodbye to her mum and sister she hopped on the train. She reached for the door of the first compartment, but before she could enter a flash of red rushed by. Looking in three boys with red hair stared back at her. Two identical faces and an older one, who glanced at her deer in the headlights face, and was about to say something. Oh if only Leo could open her mouth to reply.

"Hello mate"...
..."You coming in?"
The older boy glared at his brothers, and  then turned to me.
"Don't mind my brothers, their always like this"
"Aww come on Perce we were just saying hi to... Leo!"
Confused for a moment I looked down, I noticed my mum had managed to stick a name tag on my shoulder. Embarrassed, I shrugged and tried to laugh it off.
Nice, to meet you, too, I managed between my "laughs"
The younger brothers looked at each other and burst into laughter, while "Perce" looked at us strangely and walked out of the compartment.
"Well I'm Fred and that's George, we're twins, and good riddance to that prick," they said closing the compartment door.
"Hi, I'm Leo and that "prick" seems like a okay guy." I said only slightly blushing. I do hope they'll think it was from laughing...
"God no he's the worst spoilsport,"said Fred and George continued,"never let's us have any fun."
I shrugged and trying to change the subject asked, "Any idea how their planning on sorting us into houses?
"I heard that its not too bad only two people died in the last thirty years from it," Fred said with a grin. My jaw dropped and then I looked him in the eye. Glaring now, "You liar!" 
All laughing we ate some chocolate frogs, my treat as I insisted. While stuffing our mouths with chocolate and some of their moms bread I learned of the twins love of pranks and some stuff about their family. they did love pranking their siblings, as this was the main topic of conversation. Their mother was the strict one in their family, but they loved her all the same. I could see it in their eyes. "Mum is an amazing cook," George stated. "No matter how strict the woman is she sure knows how to make a good stew," Fred cut in. I giggled and imagined my own mum at home, she probably would be up late again getting dress orders finished. Soon I started to feel drowsy, probably the food getting to me, and fell asleep. My last thought was assuming the twins where asleep as well...


Well what do you say, Leo's heard of our amazing feats now, shall we give him a taste of our pranks first hand? George pretended to think for a second, then broke into a grin, of course we will.

I was awoken abruptly with Fred screaming in my face, get up we're late! The boats are about to take off and you still haven't gotten into your robes!! I sat up immediately ran to grab my robe and rushed to a small changing room in the back of the train. Hurry up! The twins yelled behind me. 
Taking off my pants an shirt I quickly pulled my robe on. Stuffing my clothes into my bag and rushed back to the compartment looking quite a mess. My hair stood up and my robe was on backwards. Fred and George where sitting in the compartment looking pleased with themselves. Why aren't we leaving? I asked impatiently. They just pointed to the closed curtains, I looked out to see hills passing by. We were still moving! I collapsed into the seat, I suppose they really did get me. As I sat there the more I thought about it, the funnier it was. Laughing like a mad man now I must have drawn some concern. Did we break 'em? I can't tell if... laughing or crying. I heard their whispers. 
Forcing my self to get up I left the compartment and fixed myself in the bathroom. Upon my return I found two anxious Weasley's. "God, we're sorry Leo it was just a joke ya know," Fred said. "Yeah we didn't know you would break down like that." George continued. I was about to let them off when I considered why not take advantage of this chance? 


"So wait we have to do what ever you say for an entire week?" Fred complained. I retorted, "well Leo did freak out a lot..." Then whispered to Fred, "he cried for Merlins sake!" Sighing we said," alright its a deal." "Well good first thing you can do is help me carry my bags to the boats," He said with a smirk.
Groaning I grabbed a bag and carried it along with my own, Fred grudgingly followed suit. Thankfully Hagrid told us to leave the luggage at the platform and we dropped everything and ran towards the boats tied to the dock, Leo ran after us and Hagrid shouted for us to stop. He gave up once we were 10 yards ahead and started yelling for first years follow us. Eventually all the first years were running towards the boats. Fred got to a boat and hopped in, I jumped in and Leo ran up to the boat and paused a second before also taking a seat. We were all panting like dogs, by the time the boats actually left the dock the three of us had already cooled off. A girl had also joined us, she introduced herself as Clara and was chatting with Leo while Fred and I entertained ourselves, making hand puppets using the lantern. "George piss off!" Leo shouted as I made a wolf "eat" his arm. We finally reached Hogwarts and Hagrid ushered everyone inside. Time to be sorted, I said to Leo with a smirk. He still didn't know how we were to be sorted I recalled. 

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