Leo(na) Howards' families magic has finally built up, the first one in her close family to have enough magic, she tries to hide her background, meet's a certain pair of red haired twins and their kinda cute older brother, and faces her school life at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


2. TheHall&Feast

The first years all lined up in alphabetical order. I looked behind me, and was relived to find Clara behind me. "Hey, do you know what the sorting test is?" I whispered to her. "Yeah I think you put on some sort of hat," or at least that's what my brother told me, She whispered back. "Thanks and why are we whispering?" "I don't know! You started it!" We burst into giggles earning us some weird glances from the people behind us. I was so happy, this "test" didn't seem to hard after all. A teacher with glasses went up to a chair with an old tattered hat in hand. She set it down and went back to her seat, the entire hall fell quiet and the hat came to life. 
Ages ago the job came upon me
To see where the students ought to be 
For I'm the sorting hat
And all students once here sat 
First we have the Gryffindors, brave and courageous
This house only accepts the strongest of heart
Then the Ravenclaws, cleverest of them all
Students in this house are sure to be shrewd
Slytherins are a motivated bunch
Willing to go on all ends to get what they want 
Last but not least we have the Hufflepuffs, they are a kind and sweet group
Always friendly and welcoming
The four houses separated have their flaws; pride-fullness , cowardliness at times of need, snootiness, secretive tendencies
So I give this warning once more 
Hogwarts must join at the core
The strengths of all houses must be combined as one
For unless we do we will all be undone...
An uneasy clap started among the hall, the song was quite depressing, warning us of all our flaws. But as the teacher that brought the hat up stood up once more the clapping got louder and more cheerful. She started calling out names and I stood waiting for my turn. I tried to turn around to chat with Clara again but because the clapping was too loud I settled for a smile then turned back around. After what seemed like hours I barely heard my name being called I rushed up and put the hat on my head.
Hmm Leona Howards eh? I haven't seen a Howards in Hogwarts for ages. I see the magic in your squib family finally built up. 
I panicked could everyone hear what the hat said?
Relax dear I'm in your head no one can hear us... Now lets get on to sorting you 
That wasn't very reassuring at all I thought.
Loyal for sure, brave enough I think you would do well in GRYFFINDOR. 
I took the sorting hat off my head and rushed towards the red and gold adorning table. I saw Percy and decided to sit next to him.
"Congratulations, welcome to Gryffindor, he said above the noise of the hall." I smiled and looked back at the platform. The teacher called out Huggins, Clara and I watched as she sat there. After a long while the hat finally called out Gryffindor. I smiled and waved her over. I could tell this was going to be a great year. 


Fred and George being quite bored were currently seeing how long it would take for the person in front of them to notice they were making faces at them. So far they had no reaction. Then Fred said, hey look Leo's already up there. They watched and where quite pleased when he turned out to be in Gryffindor. Then George poked Fred,
Hey look Clara's in Gryffindor too. Fred looked amused. "Does little Georgey Weorgy have a little crush on Clara?" "Shut up, I've- I mean we've only known the girl for an hour probably even less now that that I think of it!" He denied with a slight tint of pink in his cheeks. Professor McGonagall was still on K last names so the Weasley twins returned to their source of amusement, a small, chubby, raven haired boy who still had no idea of Fred and George's antics. 


George and I having the same last name decided I would go first, so I stepped up to the stool and put the hat on. 
Another Weasley huh? Goodness how many more of them are there... 
Thanks a lot I thought, that makes me feel so nice.
I didn't mean any offence now, and I suppose you already know that I'll likely put you in GRYFFINDOR! 
Taking the hat off I walked over to Percy, Leo, and Clara.  As I did I made sure to take a couple of bows and say thanks to my lovely fans. What else's a bloke to do when (almost) an entire hall claps for him? 
Taking a seat across from Leo I couldn't help myself, "did you have to choose a seat next to this prick?"  Percy gave me a glare, and Leo just shrugged it off and laughed. I sighed dramatically and thought that is soo like him. Meanwhile George had already taken off the sorting hat and was walking towards us. "Welcome dear brother, would you like a seat?"  "Oh shove off," he said taking a seat next to me anyway. Looking up I stared for a while said "Wow Perce you never told us how amazing the ceiling is..."
"I've told you plenty of times that its enchanted to look like a sky!" He said quite pissed off now. "Well you never said nothing about how amazing it looks you know." "Give the guy a break," Leo cut in, "it's not like you can describe it using words other than amazing," Fred. "Ahh you got me there, but look Dumbledore's gonna talk." I said quickly changing the topic, can't let myself be embarrassed by an amateur after all. It seem to be perfect timing as Dumbledore had just stood up... "I won't keep you from your supper's for to long now", "Amen!" George and I interrupted earning us a stare, "but I would likes to say a few words. Keep away from the forbidden forest, it is forbidden for a reason and second a few words, thank you for your time and let the feast begin!"
I laughed, and here I was thinking that nobody around here could deal a half decent joke, with of course the exception of me and George. The food appeared in front of us and I stared for a moment before grabbing some turkey. Let's dig in then, George shouted with anticipation. I looked up my mouth already full. The four of us laughed and continued the meal, it was almost better than mum's...


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