Leo(na) Howards' families magic has finally built up, the first one in her close family to have enough magic, she tries to hide her background, meet's a certain pair of red haired twins and their kinda cute older brother, and faces her school life at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


4. Suspicions

Fred POV

"Arg we are in so much trouble." I said then slammed my face into the desk. "I told you not to do it!" "Shut up Clara", quite annoyed now I looked at Leo. "How in the bloody world did you get off scot free, and we got in trouble?" "What can I say? First day and the teachers already love me." "Cheeky much?" 
George and Clara sat in silence so I looked over at them. The blood had drained from their faces and they stared at a letter. "No, it's not..." George nodded, "it is." Clara covered her ears, and Leo sat in her seat peacefully ignorant of the situation. "Hurry up and open it! It'll make more of a ruckus if we don't." George slightly ripped at the seal. "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU TWO! THE SECOND DAY AT HOGWARTS AND I GET A LETTER TELLING ME YOU'VE ALREADY GOTTEN INTO TROUBLE. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THIS WOULD HAPPEN, IF YOU TWO THINK THAT YOUR GOING TO GO TO HOGSMEADE NOW YOUR WRONG. JUST WAIT TILL YOU GET HOME FOR BREAK. AND DON'T YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT PULLING ANYMORE OF THESE PRANKS!
I cringed, it was bad but on the other hand it could have been worse. "I didn't actually think your mum would send you a howler on the first day of classes!" Clara said, "Aaron only got one half way through the year!" "Well you haven't met the woman we call mum yet." George retorted. I nodded earnestly in agreement. We would need to keep a low profile this year if we wanted our arses in one piece... "I can't believe you two got off with only a "talk" from Flinch." " Well I can't believe you managed to convince Quirrell you weren't involved at all!" "Aww come on let off on that already, If I remember correctly you didn't even know I was a girl." I looked over at George suddenly remembering what we had found in Flinch's office. 
"Well we're off to class then, ladies. Night" I tipped my imaginary hat. "Class doesn't start for another fifteen minutes." Clara said. "Then we'll just be getting extra time to prepare for class." With squinty eyes the girls, mainly Clara eyed us suspiciously as we backed out to the hallway. "We should tell them." George said immediately once we were out of hearing. "No, way! Clara would totally sell us out, and still, we haven't even learned what it is yet." "It doesn't feel right though hiding it from them..." "Fine how about we tell them after we figure it out" "... Alright after." I smiled I knew he would come around, now to figure this thing out.


Clara POV

"Something's up," I said, "they are most definitely hiding something." "Don't worry so much they probably just nicked back some stuff Flinch took from them." Leo tried to reassure. "Anyway, we only have ten minutes to get our stuff and find out way to Charms." "Ten minutes?!" I panicked a little. Taking one last bite out of my toast I stood up and we rushed back to the dorms. "What'll we need? Oh I should take some extra quills, and maybe some parchment too. Where in the world is my text book?!?" I mumbled while tearing through my trunk in search of my school supplies. " Leona just stood at the door waiting, "Hurry up already! It's only the first day!" I complied, but muttered,"only the first day?" We rushed into class barely making it in before the teacher, a short man who we almost missed in the pile of books on his desk. " Ravenclaws, Griffindors I am Professor Flitwick" he squeaked out. "Let us begin the class by turning to page 7 in our books, shall we." Eager to prove myself I complied, already have memorised the book it wasn't really needed though. 


Leo POV 

Clara was immersed in the lesson, while I sat there wondering if I really truly did have enough magic to perform the spells required. It was all interesting enough but I found myself drifting off... 
Where was I? It felt like a forest, maybe it was that one forest Dumbledore was talking about. I walked around and suddenly I came upon a cove of spiders, they didn't seem to be able to see me so I crept up closer. They all surrounded another old looking one, not to mention that they were all huge! Then Hagrid came from nowhere and picked up the one spider that appeared to be dead. 
Tap tap tap. "Excuse me Mrs. Howard's but I would prefer if you had not slept in my class, since its only the first day I won't had out any punishments. But do stay awake next time." Professor Flitwick announced. "Yes, professor..." I mumbled. The rest of the class I managed to stay awake, and learned a lot about how exactly charms worked. They ... This information is not to be shared to muggles and has been promptly edited out of this.  After class Clara finally decided it would be okay to talk. "Are you alright?" "Yeah I'm perfectly fine, why?" "We'll you know when you were sleeping? You were kinda mumbling about giant spiders, and death and stuff." I pinked a little, "It's nothing probably just a dream" "Okay, if your sure..." We walked in silence to potions, both brewing in our own thoughts. 

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